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THE PHILISTINES AND THE OLD TESTAMENT, by Edward E. Hindson; Baker Book House, 1972; 184 pp., $3.95 (paper). Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko. 

This interesting and valuable book is part of “Baker Studies in Biblical Archaeology.” It is divided into four sections: 1) Historical Background, 2) Philistine Religion and Practices, 3) The Philistines and Archaeology, 4) The Philistines in the Bible. While there is considerable technical material in Sections 2 and 3, Sections 1 and 4 are extremely interesting and valuable. The book would be of considerable aid to understand the Philistines for anyone who is teaching Bible either in the Christian Schools or in Catechism classes. The value of the book is also enhanced by a large number of illustrations and .maps and by an extensive bibliography.