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1. De Reformatie Ceases Publication. 2. The Banner’s Mandate Reevaluated by the CRC. 3. Removal of the Gideon Bibles. 4. The Onward March of ISIS.

De Reformatie Ceases Publication The last issue of De Reformatie appeared on December 30, 2014 after ninety-plus years of publication (1920-2014).1 Some of the readers of the Standard Bearer know what De Reformatie was. But I suspect that many of the younger readers do not know. De Reformatie (The Reformation)…

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1. The Millennials Are Leaving! 2. Evangelicals Are Weakening on Homosexual Marriage!

The Millennials Are Leaving! “Like some reverse Paul Revere, many ride through the fiber optics of the Internet and into church basements shouting, ‘The millennials are leaving! Watch out for the rise of the nones!’ Simply put, millennial anxiety—a concern shared by both mainline and evangelical churches—is the fear that…

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