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Book Reviews

The reviewer is a minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. Hyper-Calvinism and the Call of the Gospel, by David J. Engelsma. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Reformed Free Publishing Association, revised edition 1994. 216 pp. $10.95 (paper). [Reviewed by Rev. Chris Coleborn.] This book by Prof. Engelsma basically deals with…

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The Calling of the Westminster Assembly of Divines *

* Last year, Presbyterians celebrated the 350th anniversary of the meeting of the Westminster Assembly. This assembly produced the confessional, catechetical, and church political documents of the Presbyterian churches- the Westminster Standards. This article commemorates the historic event of the calling of the assembly. The Rev. Chris Coleborn is pastor…

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A Comparison of the Church Order of Continental Dordt and Westminster Scotland

Rev. Coleborn is a pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. For a better understanding of our Reformed heritage, we will briefly attempt to compare the practices or church orders of the historic Continental Reformed churches as found in the Order of Dordrecht (Dordt), and the historic Reformed church…

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