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It is again with thanksgiving to our covenant God that we as Reformed Free Publishing Association are privileged to complete our forty-third year of publishing and distributing the Standard Bearer

The purpose of our magazine, to declare the truth especially as to God’s sovereignty, His love and grace, and man’s depravity, lack of merit and works, was achieved by our editor and staff. Although past efforts in spreading these truths outside our churches have not created great concern and had great effect, we know that the Standard Bearer is successful in making known the truth to leaders and people alike. We know too that it has its effect; and sometimes this becomes evident from requests for back issues. 

This last year through the combined efforts of the Mission Committee and the RFPA Board two hundred copies of the Standard Bearer were placed on tables at each of the lectures held in the Grand Rapids area, with riders inserted offering a three months free subscription to those requesting it. 

During the past year eight-nine bound volumes, plus two partial sets of bound volumes, were distributed. From reports of personal experiences these bound volumes are found to have an abundance of reference materials in accordance with Scripture, and they are being used frequently as commentaries in Bible study. 

According to our August report, we have had 108 new subscribers during the year and 59 cancellations, for a net increase of 49. Our total distribution at present is 1285. 

The annual treasurer’s report of the Permanent Committee for the Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature shows that 432 copies of “Reformed Dogmatics”—have been sold to date. Total receipts have been $11,550.92; total disbursements were $9,833.50; the balance on hand is $2,717.42. This committee asks for combined efforts of our members in promoting the sale of this book: Financially, the work of further book-publication is dependent on recovering the capital invested in the “Dogmatics.” 

Our Education and Information Committee would appreciate any information and suggestions which would help to further the ‘Standard Bearer’s witness to the truth. Ways and means of increasing our subscriptions and readership must be found. 

Our Finance Committee report shows that 50% of our costs are met by donations. These donations are greatly appreciated by the Board. And we ask that the RFPA be remembered when collections are taken in the churches and when various societies annually distribute their gifts. 

This past year the Board has experienced Christian harmony under the leadership of our chairman, Mr. Theodore Engelsma. Mr. James Dykstra, who is of great assistance to this organization, has again efficiently performed the various duties of Business Manager. We hereby express our appreciation. 

Finally, may our earnest prayer be that the God of all grace keep us faithful, that we as Protestant Reformed people may continue this work in His fear, and that through this means His truth may be declared and His name may be glorified. 

—G. Pipe, Secretary