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We offer the following article for what it is worth. It is quoted from the Old Faith Contender; and, while it is not documented, there is no reason to doubt its truth.

The World Health Organization and the World Federation for Mental Health are working closely together in a program involving legislation and propaganda at the national and world levels. If their plans are effectual they will soon have a network of governmental agencies, university chairs, mental institutions, training centers, clinics, professional psychiatrists, and social workers which can control the thinking of the nation and the world. 

Merwin Hart, directing head of the National Economic Council, describes the modern “mental health” movement as a Marxist weapon wherewith to silence all opposition to Communism, and to remove from society those who resist the sovereignty of International Communism. 

In the ideological war being waged for the minds of free men, a technique for compelling conformity in an individual’s political beliefs and social attitudes has been worked out by the social scientists and is already in operation. 

It masquerades under the misnomer “mental health” . . . . . 

This Communist apparatus is now entrenched in every state in the Union. It is backed by powerful influences in the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. It is supplemented by an impressive array of national and international anthropologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and social planners in general, cooperating with world-wide organization within which other dedicated communists are at work. 

Merwin Hart, head of the National Economic Council, warns, “If the American people value their freedom of thought they will do well to regard with distrust every legislative proposal bearing the ‘mental health’ label.”

The Congressional Record for June 13, 1967, carried two separate items on mental health introduced by Congressman Usher L. Burdick, from North Dakota. He gave a detailed description of the lobotomy operation being used as a political weapon in Russia and now becoming popular in the United States. He states in part: 

“It is estimated that 100,000 persons in the United States have been subjected to this operation upon the advice of some psychiatrist. This is murder per se. It is another way of putting the patients to death under the advice of skilled psychiatrists. In the United States a large percentage of the Psychiatrists are foreigners, most of them educated in Russia. The percentage runs as high as 80%.” 

Another organization, “The Council of State Governments” is seeking to get enacted in all State Constitutions, legislation which will allow them to seize people wherever found and place them in insane asylums. Their legislation, called “Compact On Mental Health” prepares the programs for various Governors Conferences and already ten or more States have ratified their compact on mental health. 

“We must work until religion is synonymous with insanity” declares a secret manual of Communism. “We must work until the officials of city, county and state governments will pounce on religious groups as public enemies!”


As the population explosion continues to worry the experts in economics and the medical and social sciences, more and more outrageous plans are being put forth to solve this problem. 

The latest, described in an article in the Grand Rapids Press goes something like this. Proposed by a certain Dr. Schockley, it would allow for the public to vote on what rate of population growth it wants. Upon the basis of this vote the Census Bureau would determine how many children each married couple could have and stay within the limits of the growth rate which was approved. Certificates for that number of’ children would be issued to all married couples while the women would be temporarily sterilized by some “time capsule contraceptives.” When parents wanted a child, they would turn in one of their certificates and the contraceptive device would be removed. After the child was born the contraceptive device would be reinserted until the time another child was desired. 

If parents did not want any children or did not want as many as they are allowed, the certificates could be sold on the open market to people who wish more. The laws of supply and demand would determine the price of the certificates. The result, it is hoped, would be that only people who want and can afford children would have them. 

There would be a certain “quality control” also about this since it is Dr. Schockley’s opinion that “high illegitimate ghetto birthrates have caused Negro genetic potential for intelligence to drop five or more I.Q. points in the last four decades.” 

In this last statement is the hitch. There is no doubt about it but that any state controlled birthrate would lead inevitably to eugenics. The state would very shortly not, simply demand the right to determine how many children each couple would be permitted to have; but also which parents would be permitted to have children and which would not. And the purpose of this would be to insure that only the most intelligent parents would be permitted to have children to insure the production of intelligent children who can better serve the purposes of the state. 

It ought not to be forgotten that fears of an overcrowded earth are born, on the one hand, out of a desire to control birth and, on the other hand, out of a denial of the return of Christ. It is, of course, entirely possible that, should the world go on indefinitely, there would indeed come a time when the world is simply too crowded to support the population on it if certain birth control methods are not put into effect. But the problem does not exist for those who believe that Christ is coming again. 

Nor may covenant parents permit the state to determine their individual and important responsibility to bring forth the covenant seed. 


Many premillennialists saw in the establishment of the nation of Israeli and in last summer’s swift conquest of the lands in the Sinai Peninsula and West of the Jordan by Israeli armies the proof that their interpretations of Scripture are being fulfilled and that presently Israel will occupy a special place in the realization of God’s purpose. 

These dreams are presently being bolstered by repeated reports that preparations are under way for the erection of a new temple in Jerusalem. Israeli officials (including Foreign Minister Abba Eban) persistently deny such reports; but the rumors continue unabated. 

According to Christianity Today the reports are as follows: Several years ago there was a story that a complete temple prefabricated and destined for Jerusalem was seen at a port somewhere in Florida. Just prior to the war between Israel and the Arab nations in June an advertisement appeared in the Washington Post which invited correspondence from people who were interested in helping build the Temple. The Washington Post refused to reveal who the advertisers were. In August a missionary in Hong Kong reported that “Israel government representatives have ordered 60,000 tons of finest Bedford stone from Bedford, Indiana, to be used in the erection of the Jerusalem temple.” Officials in Indiana claimed to know nothing of the deal, but others insisted the report was true and said that another article is being prepared which will verify this. The Hong Kong missionary also wrote that “five hundred railcar loads of stone from Bedford, considered to be among the finest building stone in the world, are being freighted pre-cut to exact specifications, and one consignment has already been dispatched to Israel. Shipments are being handled by Pier 26 in New York.” He also added that cornerstones for the third temple have been secretly in preparation for several years. He was of the opinion that American Jews are mainly responsible for the financial support of the project and that the two freestanding pillars for the new temple have already been cast in bronze.

Whatever truth there is to all this will be revealed in good time. But the excitement has caused some split in the camp of premillennialists. While all “pres” are agreed on the basic proposition that the nation of Israel will be restored to Canaan and that Christ will reign in Israel for 1000 years, there is considerable dispute on the question of when this will happen. It is most commonly believed among “pres” that the times of the Gentiles must first be fulfilled. The end of these times will be marked by the rapture which will, in turn, be followed by seven years of tribulation. Only then will the prophecies concerning Israel be fulfilled. But the rapture and the tribulation are yet to come, and it is wondered how preparations can now already be going forward for the erection of a temple in an established state of Israel so soon. This has caused some “pres” to modify their position to fit these events of history. But a modification of this nature strikes at the very heart of premillennialist theory which insists on a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation. And this literal interpretation has to be abandoned if the restoration of Israel is to precede the rapture and the seven years of tribulation. But then there is no reason why the literal interpretation of the 1000 years has to be maintained. This is but another instance of the hopeless vagaries of premillennialistic thought. 


The Presbyterian Journal quotes the Religious News Service in proof of the fact that religion is on the decline in Soviet Russia. It has long been asserted by the Soviet Union that complete freedom of religion exists in countries under communist domination. But it has long been proved by others that, while perhaps there is no overt persecution against the church as a whole (although many individuals are surely persecuted and imprisoned), nevertheless there are all kinds of ploys being used to suppress religion. Children are early indoctrinated in the atheism of communism. State ceremonies are substituted for religious rites. People who faithfully attend church are discriminated against and find it difficult if not impossible to obtain jobs, to buy the necessities of life, to acquire adequate housing, etc. Apparently the Russians are to some extent successful. For there has been a marked decline in church worship and a corresponding rise in atheism. This is especially true among the youth. 

We have no doubt there is considerable truth in all this. The people of God are suffering for Christ’s sake behind the iron curtain and we ought to remember them in our prayers. Two things must be remembered however. One: God will not allow His people to be led astray no matter what the pressures of persecution. Two: the atheism of communist Russia, while somewhat more forthright and open, differs little from the practical atheism to be found in our own country and even in the church—a practical atheism which could easily become persecution.


There is unrelenting pressure to destroy the last vestiges of religion from the public school system. The same issue of the Presbyterian Journalquoted above refers to a report and quotes it extensively in which the Civil Liberties Union is taking another potshot at religious practices in the public school system. We quote the article.

The New Mexico Civil Liberties Union has issued a statement opposing “sectarian observances” of religious holidays, “especially Christmas,” in the public schools. 

“We urge that district school boards, superintendents, principals, teachers, and parents use their best efforts to avoid such practices,” the statement said.

“In particular, highly sectarian scenes should be avoided. Symbols which are primarily religious and which represent deep emotional associations should be used with care in the public schools.” 

The Union noted that “long established and widely accepted practices exist in New Mexico which constitute an infusion of religion into the public schools. One of the practices which has become embedded in community tradition is the use of programs in the public school to mark the various holiday seasons.”

“Although some write off Christmas and Easter as folklore and mythology, most Americans hold that these holidays are Christian in origin and in practice,” the statement continued. “However much one believes those holidays should be devoutly observed, their celebration in the public schools may constitute a program of indoctrination to be opposed by those devoted to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

The New Mexico group also observed: “Our courts have been explicit in ruling that the constitutionality of a specific act involving religion in the public schools is not affected by the fact that the majority of individuals in a given community happen to approve or condone the act or practice in question.”