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Now, while you are strong and life is sweet, Covenant Youth, remember your Creator!

Thus the Word of God comes to you Thus the Word of God comes to you from the pen of Solomon. And Solomon in Ecclesiastes 12:1 does not say, Remember now thy Redeemer in the days of thy youth. This, “however, is not because you need not remember God as your Redeemer in Christ. This was your calling already as a little child. That is why we taught you to pray for the forgiveness of your sins. That is why we trained you in seeking salvation, and why we stressed before you that your greatest and basic need is salvation. You have the world before you. It stands there with all it allurements and attractions. Your flesh cries out for what it contains. And you seem to think now that you need that world, cannot live without it, must have it for joy and life. But we taught you in the home, from the pulpit, in the catechism class that precious above all things is “The knowledge of the true God through Jesus Christ Whom He hath sent.” Even before this you were placed before the calling to commit to memory, in answer to the question, “What is your only comfort in life and death?” the beautiful statement, “That we belong to our faithful Saviour Jesus Christ.” You realize, of course, that knowing the one true God in or through Jesus Christ is knowing Him as our Saviour or Redeemer.

Apart from Christ we can only know God as Creator; and all creation reveals Him as Creator. In the Word, in Christ the Crucified One, we learn to know Him as our Redeemer. There certainly is, then, a distinction between knowing God as Creator and as Redeemer. We, as believing children of God know Him in both capacities. The unbeliever can only know Him as Creator. And I do not simply mean know about Him as Creator. I mean know Him as Creator. This knowledge they will have in hell, even though now they may deny Him as their Creator. But the source of our knowledge of God in these two capacities differs. We know Him as Creator in the book of creation. We know Him as Redeemer in the book of Scripture. We know Him as Creator in what He speaks through His works in creation. We know Him as Redeemer in what He speaks through His Son, Who came in our flesh, and of Whom the Scriptures constantly testify from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. Therefore when we speak of remembering Him as our Creator, we are certainly speaking of something quite distinct from what we refer to when we speak of remembering Him as our Redeemer.

But you were also taught that to have this only comfort in life and in death, we must have a threefold knowledge: that of our misery, that of our redemption, and that of how to express our gratitude to God for this deliverance from that misery. Without knowing your sickness and disease, you will not know any need of the physician or medication. Without knowing our spiritual misery, we know no need of redemption and are in no position to be taught about God as our Redeemer.

However, the point at this time is that without knowing God as our Creator, we cannot know that misery. It is only as you remember your Creator that you can and will remember your misery and so seek Him as your Redeemer. Understand well that your misery, as you were taught, is not the disappointments and sufferings that may already have been your lot in these days of your youth. Instead it is this awful condition that you are prone by nature to hate God and the neighbor; that you find yourself incapable of keeping the law of God; that you find, because the new life of Christ has been given you through a rebirth, that you are always doing the evil that you know is wrong and do not want to do, and find it so hard and impossible of yourself to do what your new life tells you must be done and wants to do.

How could you ever have this knowledge, if you do not remember God as your Creator? The very reason why the ungodly do not have this knowledge of misery and have no consciousness of needing the Redeemer is that they do not remember their Creator. Rule Him out, and you have nothing but the new morality which says that you are foolish to have qualms about sin. For, rule Him out and there is no sin. All you have left is crime against man, foolish acts, deeds of violence, social misdeeds, bad conduct, man’s inhumanity to man, and the like. Rule God out as your Creator, and you can follow your heart. Do what gives you pleasure and joy, for we are here for such a short time; and we pass through this life only once! Then the only misery you will know is that you have not obtained the pleasure here below that you crave, that you have lost some material and temporal possessions and suffered some earthly pain or grief.

Consider that remembering God as your Creator means that you remember that He brought you and all creation into being. It means, therefore, that you are HIS, that you walk on HIS earth, breathe HIS air, eat and drink HIS food and water, use HIS creatures every moment of your life, and are constantly touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing that which is HIS! It means that YOU belong to Him as His possession, He made you, and you are His to do with as He pleases. All things were made by Him, and He has aright to demand of you that you use it all in service before Him. To remember Him as your Creator means that you remember that you are a steward of His goods, His royal priesthood that has the calling to dedicate itself and all things in constant service of love before the living God. And it is in the way of remembering all this that you will come to the awareness of how miserable you are spiritually, or, if you will, what a miserably great failure you are!

If there is no Creator to Whom you must give service and ultimately an answer for every thought, desire, and deed, you can have no knowledge of misery as such a failure in things spiritual. Rule Him out, and all you need concern yourself about is avoiding the wrath of man. And since man cannot read your heart and mind, you can get away with a lot. Since man has his breath in his nostrils, and will one day lose it, you can get away from his wrath. Rule out this Creator, and you can dream of making a heaven on earth, of conquering death, and of a day here on this earth when men will be able to do as they please and not suffer for it. As long as you escape the wrath of man, perform what your heart desires in a way that man does not detect, you have it made; and instead of misery you have joy and pleasure.

Is it not exactly because men rule out this Creator that they have prepared for you so many ways of covering up what we and you call and know to be sin? If there is no Creator Who will call you into account before His judgment seat, the Pill will allow you to escape any shame before men and inconvenience for yourself. If there is no Creator Who reads your hearts and minds, there are hundreds of dishonest business practices to fatten your bank account, as you begin to try to establish yourself financially. Forget, instead of remember, your Creator, and why should you not covet that which your neighbor has? God then did not give it to him instead of to you; and all is fair in war, love and business. Forget, rather than remember, that One created all and possesses all and rules through men; and you need keep the traffic laws only as long as there is a safety patrol car in the vicinity, or you are reasonably sure that radar is working. And again, men have helped you in that respect also, so that you can buy a device that will tell you whether or not radar is in use. So, if that Creator is not there, why should you not do what you please? If you need only answer to men, you might just be able to find the right answer. You, modern, covenant youth, have received such a better, more highly developed education and training in natural matters than we. You might just have the answer. That is, if this Creator actually does not exist. But what keeps the child of God in the way and on the narrow path, when no man is watching, no man is there to demand an answer, is that he remembers his Creator and is desirous of pleasing Him.

And if it was necessary for Solomon to write to youth in his day and to counsel them to remember their Creator, what about you today? In Solomon’s day Evolutionism, and certainly its great-grand child of Theistic Evolution, with its more subtle approach to the matter, had not yet lifted their proud heads. Their spirit of atheism was there. The seed of these evils was already in the soil; but the plant had not yet made itself visible by pushing up through the ground into sunlight. The time was not ripe for this; the moisture and heat required for its appearance above the soil had not come in sufficient abundance for this stage of the development of sin. But YOU face these evils today. And even Theistic Evolution—it is evolution, by its very name, is it not?—hurls at you a lot of monkey business: Man evolved from the monkey. Instead of remembering the God Who created all creatures in orders, the one a step above the other, the monkey and ape is remembered as producing a superior descendant. Strange, is it not, that this “superior descendant” is so proud of his inferior forebears, while this inferior beast is not at all proud of his “superior descendant.” But so it is nevertheless.

You just remember your Creator in the midst of all this nonsense that is so very unscientific rather than scientific. Where in all the realm of true science is there any evidence at all that there is actual change from one species to another? And if the whole universe began with one little cell of some kind, how does this kind of “science” that produces Evolutionism explain the origin of that little cell? How does it explain according to true scientific procedures that when you have one very small—or even tremendously large original cell—and then there is nothing more in the whole universe to add to it, that this original cell is still going to grow bigger and bigger and is going to undergo changes? There must have been some cold or heat then besides that original cell; and who created that heat and/or cold? Along what truly scientific processes can it be shown today that combining a whole series of inferior items you are going to get a superior product? Will a combination of all the poetic attempts of students in high school and college and university together ever produce one beautiful poem like that of the men acclaimed by the world for their beauty of thought and expression? Will a combination of all the parts of hundred and hundreds of Model T Fords even produce a Lincoln or Cadillac? And that intelligence that man has, his ability to reason, how could all the “minds” of all the apes in the world, or that ever lived in the world, elevate themselves to man’s level?

Forget the nonsense of the world. Remember your Creator. We plan to say more of this next time, the Lord willing. But I write to you Covenant Youth; and you can and will remember your Creator, because He remembers His covenant. Nevertheless we have the calling to furnish you Covenant Youth with instructions and exhortations. And we purpose to alert you by means of Solomon’s words of wisdom to walk in His fear now in the days of your youth.