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Through a brother minister I received the following letter, with the kind request to publish same in our Standard Bearer. You will note that there is also a request attached to it for an editorial, containing, no doubt, an endorsement of some kind of this proposed plan.

I would say that such an editorial is entirely unnecessary.

It is my conviction that if our brethren and sisters in the Lord read the information in the following letter, they will with one accord subscribe to this proposed plan. Imagine: there is no place at present for mentally defective children where they may be cared for, even as our grown-ups are during all these years that are past. If we would have such a child of our own, all we could do is to keep it with us, and that is, of course, the proper way. But there may be and there often are such conditions that it is not proper and expedient to keep such children at home, and how wonderful then if we could send them to a Christian Psychopathic Hospital for Children, where Christian doctors and nurses take care of them for us. A beautiful gesture in Christ, I would call it.

Do read the following letter, dear readers, and put yourselves behind this plan when the opportunity is given to you.

The Lord Jesus will never forget what you have done for His little lambs who were born with, or who later received, a mentally defective mind. God be very kind to them!

Here is the letter:



In the city of Chicago and also in Grand Rapids, movements are under way to erect facilities to care for the mentally defective children. Both of these groups have conferred with our Board of Trustees about what can and should be done about this problem. The Board of the C. P. H. came to the conclusion that if a children’s building is erected, it should be done right in Cutlerville.

Reasons for this decision were that the number of facilities which are necessary to adequately care for such children are already in existence in our plant.

Hence, this would reduce the cost by a considerable amount.

The Board has set machinery into motion to contact all our people of the Reformed Denominations to make it possible to erect such a building. This is going to be done by means of a letter that will be mailed to all our Reformed, Christian Reformed, Protestant Reformed, and Netherlands Reformed Churches. We expect to mail this material in the early part of December.

The editors of the Church Herald, The Banner, and The Wachter have consented by means of the papers to inform our constituency about this project. For this reason we also request that an editorial be written in your church papers about the latter part of November or the first week in December. If this can be done, your people also will be acquainted with what is coming.

That there is need for such a building is evident by the fact that from a limited Grand Rapids area alone, twenty-seven cases were presented to the Board, and because we have received jour devoted assistance in all our work in the years past, we are happy that we can look for your cooperation in this matter at this time.

Thanking you in advance for this courtesy, I am in name of the Board,

Yours sincerely,

S. A. Van Harn, Ass’t. Sec’y. Treas.

P.S. If the information I have given here is not sufficient for your purpose, kindly feel free to call, and we will supply all the information at our disposal.