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ARMINIAN: “What do you make of I Timothy 2:4, that God will have all men to be saved?” 

CALVINIST: “That, in keeping with the context, or with what the apostle has been talking about already, it means all classes of men vv. 1-2), but applying specifically to all the elect of those classes, for the following reason: 

“In I John 5:14 we are promised that if we ask anything according to God’s will we shall have it! 

“Now if it is God’s will, as you infer, to save all men, elect and non-elect, let us at once ask God to do so—and it shall most certainly be done! for that would be ‘according to His will.’ 

“However, we know that this will not be accomplished, for the Saviour has taught us that many will be lost (St.Matt. 7:13-14). “Therefore your Arminian interpretation of this verse cannot be correct. Even though you hear 9 out of 10 big name radio preachers and nationally known evangelists so using I Timothy 2:4, and manylesser known pastors following in their error! 

“But if I pray that God will save all of His elect I am sure He will do that (Rom. 8:28-30), for this is ‘according to His will.’ 

“Hence the ‘all men’ of I Timothy 2:4 refers to all types of men who make up God’s elect. It is these God wills to save.” 

Pastor Frank B. Beck 

Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Boston, Mass.