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Looking back over some eight years of history as a Reformed Christian School Society, we exclaim with the saints of old: “The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad!”
For eight years our children were the recipients of what we are convinced to be distinctive Reformed Christian Instruction. The wonderful truth which we as parents have somewhat learned to know and love, namely, that God is God and all that it implies, is also taught our children in the day school. God first and last and all the time. It certainly is a wonder of God’s grace that in a world that is steeped in sin and wickedness, there is a people found that know the joyful sound and who have the conviction of soul to stand up for God and His Christ and show this also in regard to the instruction of their children.

To be sure it is not their own doing that they take this stand in regard to the instruction of the covenant youth and do not like thousands of professing Christians who send their children to a school which is decidedly hostile to God and His kingdom.

The knowledge of that tends to make them humble and ascribe all honor and glory to God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

In the eyes of the world it must seem utter foolishness to maintain a private Christian School and spend hard-earned money for its upkeep while we are compelled to help maintain the public school system thru taxation and could send our children there free of charge and where all the modern buildings and equipment is used. But that is to be expected from a world that walks in darkness and it is also part of the Christian’s burden which he must bear in this world. But standing in the light of God’s Word he will exclaim, and that joyfully, “Thy yoke is easy and Thy burden is light!”

As some of our readers will recall, we started our school in our church basement where Mr. P. R. Zuidema for years gave of his talents entrusted to him; and when he left us, Mr. A. C. Boerkoel took up the work and is now for the second term instructing our children in the fear of the Lord.

For a few years the need was felt for a better meeting place. This need was filled in the course of this summer when a neat and practical two-room school house was built.

The greater part of the labor was donated by our people, which considerably helped in keeping down the cost of the building. We also asked for and received help from our sister congregations for which we are very grateful.

Just before the opening of the school we had a dedicatory program in our church. The speakers for the evening were the Revs. G. Vos and L. Doezema and Mr. A. C. Boerkoel. The President of the School Board, Mr. J. R. VanderWal, gave the opening speech.

After the program refreshments were served at which time the school building was open for inspection.

The school opened with an enrollment of 40 pupils who certainly provide plenty of work for any one teacher.

We cannot resist mentioning the fact that we no v have one hundred percent attendance for which we are thankful to our covenant God. He it was and is that moved the hearts to His fear. Whether some of our people will be able to keep bringing their children is very doubtful with a view to the present war condition. We sincerely hope that a way may be found to avoid the sending of some of the covenant youth to a public school.

As to the future of our school, we know it to be in God’s hand and therefore we do not fear. May we all be found faithful in the carrying out of our God-given task!

For the Board of the First Reformed Christian School Society:

M. Gaastra, Secretary

Redlands, Calif.