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One month ago, with little notice and no fanfare, the Standard Bearer entered its ninetieth year of publica­tion. The handful of men that met in 1924 to form the Reformed Free Publishing Association, and the main writers, Revs. Danhof, Hoeksema, and Ophoff, could not have imagined that their fledgling Reformed magazine would still be coming off the press and mailed to subscribers ninety years later. The Lord has graciously blessed their work.

God’s blessing is indispensable for the continuance of the SB, and for that we give thanks today. Our thanks is not merely that the SB continues as a magazine. Other religious periodicals have a longer history than that of the SB, though not as a subscription-based religious peri­odical. Our cause for gratitude is that God has preserved the SB to promote, expound, and defend for these ninety years the very doctrines for which the original writers stood so resolutely.

The evidence of God’s blessing continues. We writers are grateful indeed for the continued zeal of the RFPA, which enables the writers to print their work, much as the Association did for the original writers ninety years ago. We are very appreciative to the Protestant Reformed congregations who faithfully take collections, and for other individual contributors, whose financial support make it possible for the RFPA to offer the SB for a price that is below the production and mailing costs.

The continued efforts of the RFPA are manifest in this very issue in the secretary’s report and the speech the RFPA board requested of Rev. Huizinga for the annual meeting of the Association. Do take the time to read them carefully.

New for this volume year

Each year the SB staff meets to approve plans for the new volume year. Changes for the SB are mini­mal. We are happy to announce that two ministers gladly agreed to join the staff of regular writers. Rev. Martyn McGeown will be writing for “All Around Us,” replacing Rev. DeVries. His first contribution is in this issue. Since Rev. McGeown is the minister/missionary of the Covenant PRC in Northern Island, serving in the Republic of Ireland (Limerick), we look forward to reports on church events from a different perspective. Rev. Brian Huizinga will be replacing Rev. Allen Brummel as one of the writers in “Strength for Youth.” Rev. Brummel plans to continue to bring us articles that summarize biographies of missionar­ies.

A hearty thank you to our former and current writers for their work.

We covet your prayers for God’s continued blessing, indispensable blessing on the Standard Bearer.