Professor David Engelsma’s Reformation Day lecture November 2, 2012 on the Kingdom of God stirred the interest of some to re-read a series of editorials by him in the SB on the same subject. These editorials (volume 77: November 15, 2000 to September 15, 2001) were col­lected into a booklet by Southwest PRC. Reading these editorials either in the SB or in the booklet will enhance anyone’s understanding and appreciation of his valuable remarks Friday night. The first paragraph of his first editorial reads:

The kingdom of God is not as well known among us as are the covenant of God and the church of God. It does not receive as much attention in the teaching as do the covenant and the church. This is a weakness, for the kingdom is of central importance in the revelation of Holy Scripture.

Also of interest will be the more recent editorials of Prof. Gritters in the SB on the Kingdom and Church, in Volume 87, October 1, 2010 to January 15, 2011.

I hope the lecture and the SB editorials will mark the beginning of a renewed interest in the Kingdom of God.

Joel Sugg, Redlands, CA

Note: The November 2 lecture is posted on Southwest PRC’s Ser­ page. CD/DVD sets are available from Southwest’s Evangelism Committee for a nominal charge, as is also the pamphlet to which Mr. Sugg refers. (Southwest PRC, 4875 Ivanrest Ave. SW, Wyoming, MI 49418)—ed.