The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, by J. B. Lightfoot. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.50.

This is, indeed, a worthwhile publication by the Zondervan Publishing House. Dr. Lightfoot, who was Bishop of Durham and Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and who wrote his commentaries during the latter half of the last century, is not unknown among us, especially among our ministry. The present volume of his commentaries republished by Zondervan is hardly designed for general and popular use, for it is, throughout based on the Greek text. Yet, the volume contained, besides the notes on the text, a good deal of interesting material accessible to the general reading public. The contents are sound, and the style is lucid. As an illustration, the following note on the much discussed passage in Gal. 3:20 may serve:

“but God (the giver of the promise) is one. Unlike the law, the promise is absolute and unconditional. It depends on the sole decree of God. There are not two contracting parties. There is nothing of the nature of a stipulation. The giver is everything, the recipient nothing. Thus the primary sense of the ‘one’ here is numerical. The further idea of unchangeableness may perhaps be suggested; but if so it is rather accidental than inherent. On the other hand this proposition is quite unconnected with the fundamental statement of the Mosiac law, ‘The Lord thy God is one God’, though resembling it in form.”

We hear lily recommend this publication.

H. H.

The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ, by James M. Stalker. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich.

This book contains a sober, scripturally correct, yet, at the same time truly devotional description of the history of the trial and death of our Saviour. It offers much worthwhile information on the subject. Its style is very clear, and the general reading public will have no trouble at all absorbing the contents.

We cannot agree with all the views of the author, either implied or expressed, of the atonement of Jesus Christ. But we trust that the reader, too, reads critically. And with this in mind, we heartily recommend this book to our readers.

H. H.