The Life Story of Dr. Lee S. Huizenga, by the Rev. L. J. Lamberts; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publ. Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan. Price $2.50.

This is a very interestingly written account of the life and labors of Dr. L. S. Huizenga, from his boyhood days in the Netherlands, through his student days, his labors in the Indian mission field, up to his departure from this earthly tabernacle when he labored as a missionary in China.

The book is written by a very personal, intimate and warm friend of Dr. Huizenga as is evident throughout this biography. It makes very easy and interesting reading and will, no doubt, find many readers.

It is striking that most of the book is devoted Dr. Huizenga’s preparation for the foreign field, and only a comparatively small part to his actual missionary labors in China. This, although it is a fact that Dr. Huizenga did devote an uncommonly large share of his life to preparatory work, as we happen to know from personal experience, is, nevertheless, a weakness of the book.

Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, Exodus-Deuteronomy; Zondervan Publ. House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price per vol. $3.95. Two volumes.

What we remarked about the volumes of Lange’s Commentary already published by the Zondervan Publishing House, holds good for the volumes we are now reviewing and recommending to our readers. It is a scholarly and conservative commentary, characterized, on the whole by sound exegesis and honest dealings with the text. The work is enriched by many notes.

It is, of course, impossible, in reviewing a work of this matter, to offer a detailed criticism. It is but natural that, in an exegetical work such as this, we find some views expressed with which I cannot agree. As an illustration, I may refer to Lange’s explanation of the passage through the Red Sea (Exodus, p. 28), an interpretation which, however, is criticized in a note.

But this does not in the least detract from my expression of high regard for this scholarly work.