To those consistories interested in purchasing new Psalters for their congregations, we pass on the following information, The Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company expects the new reprint of the Psalter to be ready for delivery the first of September.

These Psalter reprints are exactly the same as the present Psalters with no changes at all in the music, wording of the songs or to the Liturgy. However, after Psalter number 413 there will be a choral section consisting of 20 of the better known Holland Psalm tunes with English words and two musical arrangements of the Lord’s Prayer which can be used in connection with our Heidelberg Catechism sermons on this prayer.

Since the first 413 numbers are exactly as in the present Psalter, consistories can order this book and use it in connection with the old books and experience no confusion in the numbering of the songs. Consistories which order a complete set for their entire auditorium, naturally, will be in a much better position to use these English versions of the Holland Psalms and the arrangements of the Lord’s Prayer in their congregational singing.

Mr. Eerdmans is printing 3000 of these Psalters for our denomination, and those churches which have sent in their tentative orders can feel safe in increasing the number if they see fit. The revised edition of the Psalter upon which a Committee of Synod is working will not appear at least for another four or five years, and consistories ought to take this into consideration in ordering this reprint of the present Psalter.

Information in regard to placing orders for these Psalters should be sent to the Psalter Revision Committee in care of Rev. John A. Heys, 1551 Wilson Ave., 8. W., R. 5, Grand Rapids, Mich. Will all the consistories who have given tentative orders in the past verify these orders so that the new Psalters may be sent out as soon as they are ready for delivery? No Psalters will be sent out without this verification since the former notice sent out to our consistories was only a survey of the needs and willingness to buy and not an attempt to get orders.

Individuals who desire such Psalters for their home use or societies which desire to purchase them, feel free to do so. The supply is adequate now. We would urge all our people to purchase one for their home use. It is a valuable book to be found in every one of our homes.

Congregations ordering 100 or more can have their names stamped on the front cover. The price quoted for this stamping is $16 for 200 and-$30 for 400. No price is quoted for 100 but it will be approximately, $12.

To stamp less than 100 would be too expensive. Congregations ordering 100 and desiring to have their names stamped on the cover can contact the committee and we will find out the price of 100. The price of these Psalters is $1.75 each.

To the organists of those churches using the Holland Psalm arrangements, we would suggest that they follow the foot note at the bottom of the page and play all the melody notes as half notes, disregarding the present arrangement of whole, half and quarter notes. We believe that this retains the solemn dignity and beauty of these tunes.