Rev. DeVries is pastor of the Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, Minnesota.

The Foreign Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches continues to labor in the consciousness and conviction that “. . . it was the will of God, that Christ by the blood of the cross, whereby he confirmed the new covenant, should effectually redeem out of every people, tribe, nation, and language, all those, and those only, who were from eternity chosen to salvation, and given to him by the Father…” (Canons of Dordt II, Art. 8). Thus, our work is directed toward those who in their generations have not belonged to the covenant. The constituency of the FMC is located in the NW Iowa/SW Minnesota area of our churches and consists of three ministers and five elders.

We continue to have considerable opportunity to distribute pamphlets, books, tapes, and Bibles to individuals in various foreign countries. In recent months we have sent books and materials from our Seminary to a pastor in the Philippines. We have sent doctrinal tapes to a Bible teacher in India. We have sent letters of inquiry to many others who have contacted us. (We continue to appreciate it when Evangelism Committees of many of our PR Churches forward to us letters they receive from foreign lands.) We are currently seeking and evaluating response from our regular doctrinal tape recipients in West Malaysia, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Over the years we have received many letters from individuals in Ghana, Africa. We have had longstanding contact and correspondence with a Bible teacher in that country. We have been busy with investigation of Ghana as a potential field of labor. The FMC has developed a mandate for sending an investigatory delegation to Ghana, but we have not been able to implement our plans as yet.

As we reported to Synod 1990, we continue to view Singapore/the Far East as a prime field for foreign missions. The Synod of 1990 authorized the sending of a delegate from our Committee and a delegate from the Contact Committee to Singapore to discuss with the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore various matters including missions. From our Committee, Rev. Russell Dykstra was chosen to serve on this delegation to Singapore. The FMC drew up a mandate for discussions with the Mission Committee of the ERCS.

Rev. Dykstra and Prof. H. Hanko departed on December 18, 1990 and returned home on January 14, 1991. This delegation had an extremely busy schedule, with a host of matters to discuss with our sister churches in Singapore; and we rejoice to report that they were able to have very fruitful discussions regarding possible joint mission work. There was discussion regarding the potential of India as a field for joint mission work. Rev. Dykstra has reported that the discussions also dealt with practical aspects of mission work, as well as having closer contact and cooperation between our Committees.

May we be fervent in prayer that Christ, the King of the Church, will open doors to us to preach the Gospel even to the ends of the earth, and that He will provide servants to go forth laboring in this difficult work. For we are assured that,

Heathen lands and hostile peoples

Soon shall come the Lord to know;

Nations born again in Zion

Shall the Lord’s salvation show;

God Almighty shall on Zion strength bestow,

God Almighty shall on Zion strength bestow.

Psalter # 237, stanza 2