When sister church relations were established with the Protestant Reformed Church of Wellington, New Zealand, that small congregation asked permission to call one of our ministers. As most of our readers know, this permission was granted by Synod and subsequently Rev. Rodney Miersma was called and accepted that call. In order to provide for their minister, financial help from our churches was asked. An appeal was made to our people for such help, and the money was abundantly provided. This money, now collected, was to be sent to New Zealand over a five-year period of time. Last Autumn a check in the amount of $11,100.49 was sent to this congregation, and recently the Session of the Wellington Protestant Reformed Church sent a letter of thanks for this amount to the Contact Committee. By means of this announcement we convey the thanks of the saints in Wellington to our people who so generously gave to this cause. The letter reads in part: “We are very grateful for the continuing support given by the Churches. It is not clear how the Lord will work in this area; there is here, as elsewhere, a lack of interest in sound, Reformed preaching but there are one or two hopeful signs. In widely separated places there are people who are interested. We pray that the Lord will enable some of these lonely saints to move to the Wellington area to join with us.” We commend the cause of the Wellington Protestant Reformed Church to the prayers of the saints.

—Prof. Herman Hanko