The Contact Committee of our Protestant Reformed Churches in America, in behalf of our Synod, brings to your attention the financial need of the Protestant Reformed Church of Wellington, New Zealand. 

The readership of this publication is undoubtedly aware that a very small, struggling, and independent church at Wellington, New Zealand has asked for and has been granted sister church relationship with us. 

This Protestant Reformed Church of six families requested $13,450.00 in aid per year for five years. Presently and for the past decade or more these saints have been without a shepherd of their own and have had to make do with sermon tapes for their spiritual food and guidance. The aid requested would enable them to support their own undershepherd, whom they would call from one of our churches. 

Synod judged the request of these brethren justified. But Synod did not consider it proper to add this amount to our synodical assessment which are shared equally by all our families. Many of our people bear extremely heavy financial responsibilities to our churches and our Christian schools. Our Synod was very sensitive to this reality of life.

However, our people have always shown themselves willing and generous when called upon to give for various kingdom causes. Therefore, we ask those who can to give from the heart for the support of the ministry of the Word in the Protestant Reformed Church of Wellington, N.Z. 

In addition, we invite those faithful readers of this publication who are not members of our churches to help us in this labor of love. 

Send your gifts to Mr. Richard Teitsma, our synodical treasurer. Please be careful to designate for which fund (the New Zealand Fund) your gift is sent. Mr. Teitsma’s address is 4830 Green Moor Ct., Hudsonville, MI 49426. 

In the love of Christ Jesus, 

Rev. M. Kamps 

(for the Committee of Contact)