Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities

We join with the readers of the Standard Bearer in extending our congratulations to the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA on the celebration of their 75th anniversary as a congregation. This celebration took place December 5-7. In addition to the two worship services on the Lord’s Day, led by two former pastors, Rev. A. den Hartog and Rev. K. Koole, there was a special anniversary celebration on Friday evening, which included opening devotions from Mr. Chuck Van Meeteren, Vice President of Hope’s Council and one of Hope’s original members; remarks from Hope’s visiting former pastors, and by letter from Rev. J. Kortering who could not attend; a slide show of the past 75 years, presented by Mr. B. Feenstra, another original member; audience singing; readings; musical numbers from school children; a quartet; a men’s chorus; and a time for fellowship over refreshments afterwards.

The celebration also included a choir program Sunday evening. The first half commemorated the Lord’s faithfulness to Hope as a congregation, while the second half was Christmas songs. Afterwards Hope enjoyed a nice lunch, featuring a cake that was an exact replica of Hope Church.

By all accounts the weekend was a wonderful celebration of the Lord’s faithfulness. Today Hope is a thriving congregation. In the last couple of years there have been a number of marriages in her midst, so that the congregation now numbers around 60 families, with a number of new, young families.

The “News” has also noted in recent weeks the ever increasing number of Christmas program practices scheduled by all our congregations. These programs are typically presented by the Sunday School students and are enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. Hope Redlands has enjoyed these programs for 75 years, while our newest congregation (Providence in Hudsonville, MI) recently enjoyed their first.

A December bulletin from the Hudsonville, MI PRC contained a thank you from Hudsonville’s Helping Hands Committee. This committee wanted to thank their congregation for all their help, especially in making meals for 2008. Over 185 meals were delivered to families with new babies, to the sick, and to those otherwise shut in.

Many of our congregations are not only able to enjoy Sunday School Christmas programs in December, but also able to enjoy programs presented by their choral societies. The Choir of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI presented a combined choir concert and singspiration at their church on Sunday evening, December 14. That same evening the members of the Hudsonville PRC Choir presented a concert celebrating the birth of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ. The Choral Society of Grace PRC in Standale, MI presented their Thanksgiving/Christmas program onSunday, December 14, after their evening service.

Members of our churches in West Michigan were invited to a concert presented by the Trinity Mensingers, the Majestic Brass, and With One Voice, on Sunday evening, December 7 at Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI. And members of the Faith Choral Society of Faith PRC in Jenison, MI presented their annual Christmas concert of praise to our heavenly Father on December 7.

The Voices of Victory, along with Eric and Crista Phelps on the cello and the piano, presented an inspiring evening of praise to God on Sunday evening, November 30, at Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, MI. A collection taken went to this year’s young people’s convention.

In December many of our churches also set aside an evening when their congregation spends time Christmas caroling. The time spent singing together usually includes visits to area Health Care Centers or to the homes of widows and widowers and shut-ins in their congregation. The members of the Lynden, WA PRC did just that on December 16. However, Lynden’s congregation may be the only one of our churches that has the distinction of singing Christmas carols in two countries on the same night. For the sake of time and distance, the congregation divides into two groups; one that sings at the homes around Lynden, while the other sings at the homes near Sumas and Abbotsford, British Columbia. So not only did the singers need to remember their music, but they also needed to remember their documents for trans-border travel.

The Reformed Fellowship Society of the Edgerton, MN PRC invited their congregation to an evening of caroling on December 12. Afterwards the congregation was invited to return to church for fellowship around a potluck dinner and games.

Mission Activities

The Heritage PR Fellowship in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is currently airing the second commercial that was created by television station KSFY for their use. You can view the commercial on Heritage’s website Thirty seconds goes fast! In the first one, Missionary Rev. A. Brummel made comments regarding the covenant and God’s taking us into fellowship with Himself. The second commercial directs viewers to God as the Unchangeable Rock and Fortress in the midst of all the uncertainties and change of our times.

The next minister scheduled for pulpit supply in the Berean PRC in the Philippines is Rev. W. Langerak, pastor of the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI. Rev. Langerak will be accompanied by his parents, Harry and Evelyn Langerak, members of Hope PRC in Walker, MI. The Lord willing, they will travel there on December 22 and return home on January 13. After this, Rev. R. Van Overloop, pastor at Grace PRC in Standale, MI, is scheduled to be in the Philippines from January 15 to February 2.

School News

The Student Council of Covenant Christian High School sponsored a Gift Certificate Drive from Dec. 1-22 to help those in need in area Protestant Reformed Churches. Supporters of Covenant were asked to remember that not everyone has as many physical blessings as others, especially in this weak economy. To participate, individuals could send money or gift certificates/cards to grocery stores, gas stations, etc. to Covenant.