Rev. Dale Kuiper and family, according to the decision of the Mission Committee ,and the Hudsonville consistory, returned from Maine the, week of March 28 and will live in Hudsonville for the time being. It was decided to close the field of labor there since there appeared to be no interest other than that of the original two families and two individuals. Rev. Kuiper will probably be investigating various other areas of labor in the next months. Faith Church’s bulletin reported that Rev. Kuiper would supply the pulpit of Edmonton until Rev. Moore is installed there. 

The last couple of bulletins received from Hudsonville were printed in a new, rather attractive bulletin cover which features a sketch of what will be Hudsonville’s new church building. Rev. Hanko penned a note on the last bulletin (March 28) that Hudsonville hoped to have the ground breaking ceremony for their new church building that week. Perhaps we will receive a further report on that long-awaited event later. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Faber returned from Jamaica a week earlier than anticipated because of an infection in Mr. Faber’s ankle caused by a sting of some animal. Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers returned on March 30. We await their report for information concerning the work of our Jamaican Emissaries. 

Another of our churches is taking steps toward erecting a new church building. The. Southwest Church (Wyoming, Michigan) has appointed a permanent “Future Church Building” Committee and in connection with this has established a special fund for future building plans. Since contribution envelopes are available for regular contributions to the building fund, it can be seen that this project is being given rather serious attention. 

Hope Church (Walker, Michigan) has decide establish an organ fund. The Hope Council has placed a note in their bulletin that gifts from individuals, societies, or collections from programs rendered in the church would be welcome additions to the organ fund. 

Our South Holland Church has progressed beyond the stage of establishing an organ fund. South Holland’s new organ has been installed. The dedication service for their new instrument was held on March 19. Mr. Andrew Vogel, guest organist, performed several numbers on the organ, both the school choir and the church choir sang, and Rev. Engelsma gave a short speech. Refreshments were served afterwards in the church basement. The South Holland Council has decided to offer their old organ to the highest bidder among all of our churches. The buyer is to pay the shipping costs. 

The South Holland Evangelism Committee has been busy with church extension work. They have just finished a series of radio broadcasts with their pastor, Rev. Engelsma, as speaker, with the general title “Fundamentals of the Reformed Faith.” The committee felt constrained to continue this radio ministry. Accordingly, they have arranged for a series of twenty-four half-hour broadcasts using tapes that Rev. Engelsma had prepared for the Reformed Witness Hour. These will be aired over the same station, WFLM-FM, 103.9 mh from 8:00 to 8:30 AM on Sunday mornings. The cost of this radio ministry has been borne by our Mission Committee with funds that they received from the assets of our former congregation in Oak Lawn, Illinois.