Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

From a recent bulletin of the Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN, we learn that their congregation is busy with a couple of different evangelism opportunities. First, Rev. Nathan Brummel and his wife, Paula, invited any adults and or children to visit with them at the Dyer Nursing Home. Apparently these visits over the next several months will include not only a time to meet the residents of the Home, but also a 45-minute Bible study as well. On that same bulletin it was asked if there were any men of the congregation who were interested in helping lead a Bible study in a nearby prison.

On February 10, 17, and 24, the Evangelism Society of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI sponsored a conference for their community on the important subject of “Strengthening Your Marriage.” Topics for the three nights were “The Idea of Marriages’ Unity,” “Communicating Unity: Marriage Fellowship in Soul and Body,” and “Working Through Differences and Conflicts.” The speakers were Rev. Ron Van Overloop, Georgetown’s pastor, and Rev. Barry Gritters, pastor of their neighboring Hudsonville, MI PRC. Each subject was treated in a classroom-like setting with opportunity given at the end of the discussion for questions from the audience. Fortunately for those of us unable to attend this worthwhile conference, tapes and a video are available. If you are interested, one set of tapes will cost you just $4.00, and videos are $5.00. Make your check payable to the Georgetown PRC Evangelism Society and mail your request to Mr. Randy Kamminga, at 8541 40th Ave, Jenison, MI 49428, or if you have questions, give him a call at 616-669-0204. These tapes and video would be a nice addition to any church library and for pastors to give to young couples looking forward to marriage.

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC recently informed their congregation of a unique request they had received from the Reformed Churches in Romania. These churches desire to have copies of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s Triple Knowledge (a 3-volume set of books), an excellent exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, for their seminary students. The goal is to make these books the principal resource for the students’ catechism sermons. The seminary in Koleszvar/Cluj, Romania has 250 students. Kelemen Attala, Professor of Practical Theology and Homiletics in the Reformed Theological College, has read Hoeksema’s Triple Knowledge and is working on his doctorate in the Netherlands. His thesis is that when Reformed churches neglect the Heidelberg Catechism in their preaching, the spiritual life declines. He believes this book would help the students in preparing their catechism sermons.

In addition to sending copies of the Triple Knowledge, South Holland is also interested in sending Hoeksema’s Behold He Cometh. And they would like to send some good grade school and high school English books. Many of the secondary students want to improve their English by reading English books.

South Holland’s Evangelism Committee, rather than giving assistance directly from their funds, which were donated primarily for pamphlets and advertising, asked their congregation to respond to this call for help for the ministry of the gospel in the same manner as the Macedonian churches in the time of the apostle Paul also assisted the church in Jerusalem with their gifts in the love of Christ. South Holland believes that they have an excellent opportunity here to minister not only to a specific current need, but also one that will have an enduring effect in Europe upon the generations following, as these churches are taught by their leaders and ministers the sound Reformed faith according to the Word of God.

School Activities

From a January bulletin of our sister church, the First Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore, we found that their session has appointed a committee of five members to make some initial investigation into the possibility of starting a Christian kindergarten sponsored by parents through an organized school society.

The PR School Society of Edmonton, Alberta, CN sponsored a lecture in their church on February 23. Rev. Ron Cammenga, pastor of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI, spoke on the topic, “The Aim of Christian Education.”

Congregational Activities

The Men’s and Ladies’ Societies of the First PRC in Holland, MI invited all the members of their congregation to sit in on a special presentation by Rev. B. Woudenberg, one of our churches’ emeriti ministers, on February 29. He gave a talk on the controversy over the doctrine of the covenant that came to a head in 1953 in our churches.

We are also happy to report that the Doon, IA PRC was able to begin worshiping in their newly remodeled church auditorium on February 27 after nearly a two-month absence.

Minister Activities

Rev. Charles Terpstra declined the call he had received to serve as the next pastor of the Hull, IA PRC.