Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

On Friday evening, November 21, and then again the next morning, November 22, the Evangelism Committee of the Hudsonville, MI PRC hosted a seminar entitled, “Defending Creation in an Evolutionary Age.” Friday featured a video by Answers in Genesis entitled “In the Beginning,” followed by Prof. H. Hanko speaking on “Evolution: Its Effect on Your Life and Your Beliefs.” Saturday featured a video by AIG entitled “The Grand Canyon Catastrophe” and Rev. R. Kleyn, pastor of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, speaking on “Believing by Faith.”

The Evangelism Committee of the Loveland, CO PRC arranged a viewing of the recent debate between Prof. D. Engelsma and Dr. R. Mouw, “Is the Doctrine of Common Grace Reformed?” for a couple of nights in early December.

School Activities

School Board members of the Loveland Christian School in Loveland, CO recently handed out an information packet on the feasibility and cost of forming a Loveland PR high school. They gave it to all members of their School Society, as well as to parents sending their children to the grade school. On the last page of this report was an anonymous high school interest and participation survey form that the Board asked to be filled out and returned by early December to help give them some direction.

Mission Activities

The last couple of months have been especially busy ones for our churches’ mission work in Ghana. Mr. and Mrs. Justin Koole, members of Faith PRC in Jenison, MI, arrived in Accra on November 20 to take up their work as missionary assistants for a period of one year. Their arrival was followed four days later by that of Elder Alvin Bleyenberg from the council of the Hull, Iowa PRC, the calling church for the mission work there, and Mr. Jim Andringa, representing our churches’ Foreign Mission Committee, for their annual visit. They planned to observe the mission work for nearly two weeks before returning home on December 10.

Rev. A. Spriensma, our de-nomination’s missionary to the Philippines and the Berean Church of God Reformed in Manila, writes that the work there continues to grow and expand with numerous new contacts. A recent Sunday saw another visitor to the fellowship, who came as a result of hearing about their church on the Reformed Witness Hour. The RWH continues to be broadcast in Manila and in the Bacolod region, and we can be thankful that the Lord uses this means of proclaiming the truth in the Philippines.

Prof. and Mrs. H. Hanko arrived safely in Ballymena, Northern Ireland on Saturday, November 29 for a two-week visit with our missionary, Rev. A. Stewart and his wife, Mary, as well as the members of the Covenant PR Fellowship. Plans called for Prof. Hanko to preach Sunday evening, November 30, to speak at two mid-week studies on the 1953 controversy in the PRC, and to lead a mini-conference on the Antithesis. On Friday evening, December 5, he spoke on “The Idea of the Antithesis,” followed the next day with speeches on “The Antithesis and the Truth” and “The Antithesis and the World.”

In an effort to get better acquainted with the membership of the PR Fellowship of Fayetteville, NC, the members of Grace PRC in Standale, MI have organized a Fellowship of Fayetteville Liaison Committee, whose purpose will be to encourage both groups in the faith. Early plans called for increased correspondence among the families and the children. Grace was also looking to set up a sermon video system, and perhaps to organize a family conference sometime next spring.

The members of Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ are excited about working together with the members of our Pittsburgh mission to plan for an eastern missions retreat July 1-4, 2004. The Evangelism Conference there in early November also went very well, with visitors both from the area around Wyckoff as well as from contacts in the Allentown work.

Congregation Activities

The Randolph, WI congregation enjoyed a Talent Night Program Friday evening, November 21. This program included a wide variety of God-given talents. Randolph’s members were encouraged to share their talents, whether they be in song or musical instrument or perhaps some art work, craft project, photography, or other talent that could be displayed and shared with others.

The deacons of two of our churches, Georgetown and Hud-sonville, again this year sponsored their annual Thanksgiving Food Drives. Members were asked to drop off their donations of food or gift certificates in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, at which time they would be distributed to the needy in their congregations.

The members of the Hudson-ville, MI PRC were invited to join together on November 30 after their evening service for a time of informal congregational singing around the piano in their fellowship hall.

The Choral Society of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL presented their fall concert Sunday evening, November 23.

Sister Church Activities

Rev. and Mrs. C. Haak, of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL, traveled to Singapore on October 28. Rev. Haak was asked to speak at the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore Reformation Celebration on November 7 & 8. Rev. Haak also planned to preach for our sister churches there.

Minister Activities

The newest trio from which the Byron Center, MI PRC will call a pastor is made up of the following three men: Rev. A. Brummel, Rev. G. Eriks, and Rev. C. Haak. Byron Center will call, the Lord willing, on December 17.

Rev. C. Terpstra declined the call he had been considering to serve as the next pastor of the Hudsonville, MI PRC.

Rev. D. Kleyn declined the call to Immanuel. The new trio for Immanuel is Rev. W. Bruinsma, Rev. A. Brummel, and Rev. C. Haak.