Rev. J. Kortering has declined the call he received from Edgerton, and Rev. R. Miersma has declined the call received from Prospect Park.

From a member of our Radio Committee, comes the following interesting contribution: 

“In the June issue of The Standard Bearer an announcement appeared advertising the availability of taped recordings of the recent lectures sponsored by the Prot. Ref. Lecture Committee. All three recordings are still available. The first of the series — “Why Protestant Reformed?” — delivered by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, in First Church was recorded in the recording studio of our Reformed Witness Hour, located in an upper room of First Church. No problem there — everything went according to schedule. 

“The second lecture, given by Prof. H. Hanko, held in Holland, Michigan was also recorded. 

“Then on Thursday evening, May 16, Prof. R. Decker gave his lecture — “The Mystery of Lawlessness.” This discourse was delivered in Hudsonville. An announcement concerning the availability of taped recordings of this message was also printed on the program of the evening. But — due to an oversight, — no recordings were made. What to do about this? — that was the question. After a conference with Prof. Decker it was decided that he should once again deliver his lecture — only this time in First Church, employing the recording equipment of our Reformed Witness Hour. Rather than speak to the 800 (or so) empty seats of that auditorium, it was resolved to invite interested persons by means of an announcement given at the Ascension Day Service. Consequently, at 9 A.M. on Friday, May 24, Prof. Decker mounted the pulpit of First Church and once again rendered his most interesting lecture before an audience of —13 people! The speaker expressed his thanks to his listeners, the attentive audience expressed their enjoyment to the Professor, and so — tape recordings of this lecture became available. Thank you — Rev. Decker, for your time and effort in making this possible.”