Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

This summer the members of the Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ have been keeping themselves busy with various evangelism outreaches. First, back on June 24, they were able to distribute many pamphlets and Standard Bearers at an event known as “Big Splash,” in Ocean Grove, NJ. This event, sponsored by a local Christian radio station, gave Covenant the opportunity also to speak to many individuals about their particular beliefs. This was followed on July 29 with a similar event in Harlem, NY. Here again many new contacts were made and much of our literature was handed out. Let us pray, along with the church at Covenant, that God’s blessing will rest on this effort and on the seeds that have been sown.

You may also be interested to know that “The History of the PR Church,” the definitive history written by Rev. Herman Hoeksema himself, is now available for your perusal in cyberspace. It can be found by visiting Covenant PRC’s web site, Rev. Martin VanderWal, Covenant’s pastor, assures us that if our reading provokes any evocative questions, we may feel free to post them on the discussion page. It’s what it’s there for.

Again, going back to June, we find that the Byron Center, MI PRC once again sponsored a special Sunday evening worship service on June 18. Rev. Doug Kuiper, pastor at Byron Center, planned to preach on the Word of God as found in Acts 4:12 under the theme “Salvation: In Jesus and in None Other.” Again, as in past years, special efforts were made to invite those from the area outside of our churches.

Once again this summer the congregation of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI sponsored what has become known as their “Annual Summer Seminar.” The theme this year was “Ready to Give an Answer: Responding to the Cults.” The sessions were scheduled to be held the first four Wednesday evenings of August at Southwest. Rev. Ron Cammenga, pastor of Southwest, led the first and third classes, looking first at what is a cult, and then, who are the Seventh-Day Adventists. Rev. Charles Terpstra, pastor of First PRC in Holland, MI, led the second and fourth classes, on who are the Jehovah’s Witnesses and who are the Mormons.

Mission Activities

In August some in our churches were able to attend a conference on “The Love of God,” sponsored by the Sovereign Grace Reformed Church in Spokane, WA, a mission of our churches. Western home missionary, Rev. Thomas Miersma, and Rev. Garrett Eriks, pastor of the Loveland, CO PRC, spoke on various aspects of that topic. Rev. Miersma spoke on both, “The Love of God and the Sinner” and “The Love of God and Affliction,” while Rev. Eriks spoke on “The Love of God and Salvation,” and “Walking in the Love of God.” Those in attendance were also invited to stay through Sunday and enjoy worship on the Lord’s Day with the Spokane congregation.

Rev. Jaiki Mahtani, home missionary in the Eastern US, was able to present a program featuring his work in Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, New York City, and Fayetteville, N.C. to the congregation of the First Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore on July 12. Rev. Mahtani, along with his wife and children, was in Singapore from July 7 to August 15 to visit family. He also planned, the Lord willing, to preach for the FERC on August 13.

Various of our churches’ pastors have been traveling to Fayetteville, NC this summer to bring the lively preaching of the Word to the Reformed Fellowship there, who desire to have more contact with us in the future. Rev. Mitch Dick was there earlier, followed by Rev. Ron VanOverloop in July, with, the Lord willing, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma following in early August.

Rev. Richard Moore, our churches’ missionary to Ghana, writes that they continue to look for properties (on which to construct a church home) and that they are working to find one that will be suited to their needs. No matter what, the process always seems to take a little longer than they would prefer.

Minister Activities

Rev Arie denHartog declined the call extended to him by hope PRC in Walker, MI 40 serve as the next minister-on-loan to Singapore.

Rev. Steven Key was installed as the twelfth pastor of the Hull, IA PRC on July 26. In what has to be a first for them, Rev. Richard Smit, of the Doon, IA PRC, preached the sermon and Rev. Daniel Kleyn, pastor at Edgerton, MN, did the installation.

Rev. Carl Haak declined the call he had been considering to serve as pastor of the vacant Randolph, WI PRC.

Rev. Steven Houck, pastor of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL, resumed preaching on July 23, preaching twice for his congregation. This was the first time he preached after his recent heart surgery. We give thanks to the Lord that He has granted Rev. Houck a good recovery and also the privilege once again to bring His Word to the saints at Peace.