Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

The Men’s Book Reading Club and the Evangelism Committee of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL hosted a conference on critical issues in covenant marriage on April 30 and May 1 at their church. Featured speakers were Rev. W. Bruinsma and Rev. R. VanOverloop on the topics of biblical principles of marriage, resolving marital conflict, and the roles of husband and wife. Friday evening Rev. Bruinsma spoke on Principles of Marriage and Resolving Conflict, and Saturday morning Rev. VanOverloop addressed the group on the Roles of Husband and Wife.

The Evangelism Society of Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ sponsored a spring lecture on Friday, April 23, at their church. Rev. R. VanOverloop spoke on the “Roles of Husband and Wife in the Covenant Home.”

The Reformed Witness Committee of our PR churches in Iowa and Minnesota sponsored a spring lecture on April 30 at First PRC in Edgerton, MN. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on the theme, “The Sovereignty of God and the Second Coming of Christ.”

Sunday afternoon, April 18, Rev. D. Overway, pastor of the Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ, was given the opportunity to preach at the Filipino Christian Reformed Church in Wyckoff.

School Activities

In mid-April the Free Christian School Society, Edgerton, MN met in a special meeting to make decisions concerning the future of their school. A decision was made that they would not hold classes this coming school year due to the low number of students and also to preserve their endowment for future use. The society and the board will remain active, and they remain optimistic that they will open the doors again in the future if the Lord blesses them with more covenant children and if it is the desire of the parents to resume classes. The Free Christian School held their last PTA meeting for the foreseeable future on April 29. A supper was served at First PRC in Edgerton by the Ladies’ Circle, and afterwards Prof. H. Hanko spoke for the PTA and gave them words of encouragement for the future of their school.

The board of the Society for Midwest PR Secondary Education invited their supporters to a promotional speech on April 23 in the Hull, Iowa PRC. Rev. C. Terpstra spoke on the topic, “ABC’s Are Antithetical, Biblical, and Covenantal,” or, how our schools teach our children to live as God’s children in the world and in the Christian community; how our schools base every aspect of the school on God’s holy and infallible Word; and how our schools are founded on family principles, fear of God, parental control, loving discipline, and Christian friendship.

Congregation Activities

The consistory of the Byron Center, MI PRC made arrangements after their morning service on April 25 to thank and bid farewell to Prof. H. Hanko, who for almost three years filled their pulpit on most Sunday mornings with God-centered preaching on the Heidelberg Catechism.

The congregation of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI bade farewell to their first and only pastor, Rev. R. VanOverloop, his wife, Sue, and their family with a farewell program Saturday evening, May 1. The following day, Sunday, May 2, Rev. Van Overloop preached his farewell sermon to the Georgetown congregation, a congregation he had served for almost ten years, on the theme, “Conduct Becoming the Gospel,” based on Philippians 1:28. The VanOverloop family was scheduled to move from Georgetown to the parsonage of the Byron Center, MI PRC the first week in May, with Rev. VanOverloop being installed as their third pastor on Sunday, May 9.

Friday, April 23, the congregation of our newest PRC, the Wingham, Ontario PRC, invited their congregation, along with any others in their community interested in good Christian music, to a night of music presented by the Trinity Men Singers of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI. These men, along with their wives, made the trip to Ontario Friday afternoon to sing for the Wingham congregation that evening. The concert was held at the Westfield Church because of the anticipated large turn-out. The following morning Wingham also arranged breakfast for the entire group at the Riverboat Restaurant before sending them back to Michigan. The concert was very well received, and the men from Trinity have been invited back for a second concert.

The Martha Society of the Hull, Iowa PRC invited the women of the Doon and Edgerton PRCs to join them for the annual Spring Ladies’ League meeting held on April 28. Rev. S. Key, Hull’s pastor, spoke on “Women Serving God.”

April 27 a combined Adult Bible Study meeting was held for our PR churches in the Chicago, IL area at the South Holland, IL PRC. All interested were invited to hear Rev. Bassam Madany, retired Arabic-language speaker of the Back to God Hour, speak on the subject: “The Global Challenge of Islam.”

Mission Activities

Rev. R. Kleyn, visiting our denomination’s work in Spokane, WA on behalf of the Domestic Mission Committee, gave a lecture there on Monday, May 3, on the subject, “Jesus Christ in the Movies.”

April 30, Rev. A. Stewart, our missionary to Northern Ireland, traveled to South Wales to give a lecture on “The Four Horsemen of Revelation 6.”

Minister Activities

Rev. C. Haak declined the call to Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada. Immanuel subsequently called Rev. R. Smit, pastor of Doon PRC, from a trio that included also Revs. A. Brummel and J. Laning.

Sunday morning, May 2, the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI met and extended a call to Rev. J. Slopsema to become their next pastor. We found it interesting that Georgetown’s council, in an effort to have their congregation become better acquainted with the men on their trio, provided a brief biographical sketch of the three men, as well as sermons from each one.

The Faith PRC in Jenison, Mi has formed a new trio consisting of the Revs. G. Eriks, D. Kleyn, and C. Terpstra.

The Hudsonville, MI PRC will call a pastor from a trio made up of the Revs. A. Brummel, A. denHartog, and J. Slopsema.