Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities

For over five months the congregation of the Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL has waited patiently for various governing bodies in Cook County, IL including the highway department and the Army Corps of Engineers, to grant their approval to Bethel’s building plans and issue a building permit.

Now, thankfully, all of that appears to be behind them, since finally in late August they were granted their much sought after building permit, for which we give God thanks. Actual construction at Bethel got under way about a week later, with footings for the walls going in as well as a temporary driveway.

To mark that milestone in Bethel’s ten-year history, the occasion was marked with an official ground-breaking celebration on August 31. In the coming weeks they look forward to the actual construction of a sanctuary for worship.

In other church building news, we can report that work at the church site of our Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI continues. Writing this in early September, we can tell you that Georgetown appears to mirror the pace of Bethel. Presently, the footings are all in, which gives a good idea of the overall outline and size of the building. And we also noticed, near the building site, stacks of cement blocks, which by now are probably part of the building.

The next time any of you visit our Randolph, WI PRC expect to see something different, since they recently voted to make some changes and improvements to their building and grounds. First, they voted to expand and pave their parking lot with asphalt and surround it with some new sidewalk. Second, they decided to replace the carpeting in their narthex and sanctuary and add a row of pews. Finally, they replaced the north door of their church building.

The consistory of the First PRC in Holland, MI recently reviewed their decision not to place Bibles in the chairs of their new church sanctuary. They realized the practical difficulties this created for their congregation and for visitors as well. Therefore, beginning August 8, Bibles were once again found under the chairs in First’s sanctuary. However, the elders still believe the practice of taking one’s own KJV Bible to a worship service is a sound one, and encourage their congregation to continue this practice begun when First was between church homes and worshiping in a school.

First also recently invited their congregation to keep abreast of current events and trends in the church world by checking out the selection of periodicals and magazines their pastor, Rev. C. Terpstra,

leaves in their church library for them to browse through, take home, and read.

Evangelism Activities

After a one-year absence, the Evangelism Committee of the Hudsonville, MI PRC once again sponsored a booth at the week-long

Hudsonville Fair in late August. Hundreds of fair-goers passed by their booth. Some stopped and said hello, some also stopped and browsed through the large assortment of pamphlets and books displayed. But, more importantly, the truth of the gospel and our Reformed faith were prominently displayed before the eyes of many.

School Activities

Our Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA recently completed a building project which added a separate building consisting of two new classrooms and bathrooms. The project was completed in mid-August, with final inspection done on August 20, which meant that Hope’s teachers could finally get into their rooms to begin preparations for the school year which began some ten days later. So the new building was completed just in time.

Denomination Activities

At the meeting of Classis West on September 2, Pastor-elect Daniel Kleyn was examined and approved for ordination as a minister of the Word and sacraments in our churches. Friday evening, September 4, he was ordained into the ministry and installed as the eleventh pastor of our Edgerton, MN PRC. We can only stand in amazement at this great blessing. We give thanks to God for His provision of another servant to labor in His vineyard among us.

Some in our denomination were able to attend the recent conference in Northern Ireland sponsored by the British Reformed Fellowship. The conference dealt with the theme of Eschatology, or the last times. Profs. D. Engelsma and H. Hanko were the principal speakers. The conference was held at Castlewellan, Northern Ireland, and according to those who went from my church, it was very worthwhile, with over 100 in attendance, both from this country and from various places in the United Kingdom.