Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities

The congregation of the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada extended a call to Rev. Michael DeVries, currently serving as pastor of the Edgerton, MN PRC, to serve as their next pastor. With Rev. DeVries on that trio were the Revs. W. Bekkering of Pella, IA and A. denHartog of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA.

The Lynden, WA PRC also formed another trio from which to call a pastor. This trio was made up of the Revs. W. Bruinsma, of First in Holland, MI, S. Key in Randolph, WI, and C. Terpstra in South Holland, IL. From that trio a call was extended to Rev. Terpstra.

Mission Activities

In the middle of November, Rev. R. Moore and Mr. Don VerMeer, an ex-elder in our Hull, IA PRC, left for a period of seven weeks to visit with contacts that our churches’ Foreign Mission Committee has established with a number of men in Ghana. Many of these contacts were first made when the FMC visited Ghana in 1992. It was hoped that among other things this current visit would enable our churches to learn more about these men and the groups they represent and whether we are in agreement or disagreement in areas of doctrine, practice, mission work, and worship.

Congregational Activities

(Correction—The speaker at the Fall Ladies’ League Meeting held in Doon, IA was incorrectly identified as Rev. R. Dykstra in our November 15 News. It was in fact Seminarian Doug Kuiper, who is doing his internship in Doon.)

Once again this year our Hudsonville, MI PRC, through the combined efforts of their deacons and” helping hands committee,” has organized a food drive to take place between the holidays for distribution to those in need in their congregation. Gifts of any non-perishable grocery items or gift certificates or money were encouraged.

At a mid-week Bible study in the Trinity PRC in Houston, TX, the members of that group had the added bonus of hearing Dr. Charles Finney, a missionary to India, speak about his ministry to the lost sheep in that part of the world.

After much delay the building committee of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL has received revised church building plans from their architect. These plans have been submitted to the City of Lansing. If they are found to be satisfactory, a building permit will be issued to Peace. However, according to Peace, they simply do not know how long the city will take to evaluate their plans. It could be a long time, and, for that matter, they are still left wondering if their plans will even be approved or if they will be rejected. Remember Peace as they patiently wait upon God to accomplish His perfect will.

The September 18th afternoon worship service of the Immanual PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada was advertised not only in the Lacombe Glove, but also in the Red Deer Advocate. The subject of the sermon of that service was “An Exhortation Concerning the Second Coming of Our Lord,” based on II Thessalonians 21:3. This topic was chosen at that particular time especially because a well-known Reformed Bible teacher and radio broadcaster had predicted that Christ would probably return sometime during the last two weeks of September, 1994.

While on classical appointment to our vacant congregation in Lynden, WA, Rev. A. denHartog also graciously agreed to speak at a Reformation Lecture. On October 31 he spoke in Lynden’s sanctuary on the theme, “The Importance of the Reformation for Us Today.”

Evangelism Activities

The radio call-in program, “Reformed Perspectives,” sponsored by the Reformed Witness Committee of the Doon, IA, Edgerton, MN, and Hull, IA PRC seems to be doing rather well. So far topics discussed on this twice-monthly program, heard over KTSB 93.9 FM, have included interpreting Scripture, and Bible versions. There was even a promise made in one bulletin from Hull that there is planned more time for calls, indicating perhaps that interest continues to be strong.

School Activities

On the evening of November 4, the community of Randolph, WI was invited to a public Open House of the Faith Christian School, which had opened its doors for the first time this Fall.

The advanced band of the Hope PR Christian School, located in Walker, MI, traveled to the South Holland, IL PR Christian School on November 18 for a joint practice and concert. The band left Hope School around 8:30 A.M. and returned that night at about 11:30 P.M.

Young People’s Activities

On November 20, the Federation of Young People’s Societies held their annual Thanksgiving Mass Meeting, hosted this year by the Young People’s Society of the First PRC in Holland, MI. Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor at First, spoke on the theme, “Thanks for Nothing.” Food For Thought

“Deny the virgin birth of Christ and you must relinquish the authority of the Bible; accept the virgin birth and you may continue to regard the Bible as the very Word of God.”

—J. Greshem Machen

“What Is Christianity?”