Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Activities

September 5 marked the first anniversary of the first meeting for worship of those who would eventually be organized into the Georgetown PRC of Bauer, ML One cannot help but stand back and marvel at what our heavenly Father has done in this past year. His faithfulness in the past can only assure all of us of His continual faithfulness today and in the future.

God in His faithfulness has given Georgetown their first pastor, Rev. R. VanOverloop. It was with much joy and thanksgiving that the congregation of Georgetown, along with others from nearby churches, met at the Hudsonville, MI PRC on the evening of September 1 to witness Rev. VanOverloop’s installation.

Prof. R. Decker, as Georgetown’s moderator, had charge of that service. He preached from I Timothy 4:16: “Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine; continue in them: and in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee.” This service was followed by a get acquainted hour in the fellowship hall of Hudsonville.

Rev. VanOver1oop began his ministry at Georgetown the following Sunday. He chose for his first sermon that morning a message entitled, “Pray for Me,” based onEphesians 4:19.

Georgetown has scheduled their first annual church picnic for later in the month of September, at which time there will be a welcome program for the VanOverloop family.

We can also include here a note that Pastor VanOverloop now serves as bulletin clerk at Georgetown. You can reach him by phone with any announcements at (616) 662-0257.

On the morning of August 27 the congregation of our Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI held what they refer to as Breakfast at the Beach, a breakfast for members of all ages held at North Shore County Park, on the shores of Lake Michigan.

In mid-August the congregation of our Byron Center, MI PRC met and decided to approve the purchase of a new organ for their church auditorium.

Mission Activities

After Rev. Haak’ s decline of a call to serve as home missionary to work at San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado, the calling church, our Loveland, CO PRC, formed a trio of men consisting of the Revs. W. Bekkering, A. denHartog, and T. Miersma. And at the congregational meeting held August 28, Loveland extended a call to Rev. A. denHartog to serve our churches in that capacity.

This past summer, while on a two-week preaching assignment to our mission in the San Luis Valley, Pastor J. Mahtani, of our Trinity PRC in Houston, TX, was able to give a slide presentation to the members of the mission entitled, “Evangelism in Houston.”

The Council of our Loveland congregation has posted a list of people who attend the mission along with a list of their children and their ages. Members of the congregation have been encouraged to write to one or more of these families in an attempt to get better acquainted.

Young People’s Activities

We could not help but notice that the host society of next year’s Young People’s Convention, the Young People’s Society of our Grandville, MI PRC, was already busy at work, appropriately on Labor Day, with a fund-raiser for that convention. They sponsored a combination Pancake Breakfast and Car Wash at our Hope PR Christian School in Walker, MI.

Denominational Activities

An overflow crowd squeezed into the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI on Sunday evening, August 28, to enjoy an hour of Christian fellowship in both singing songs of praise and in hearing the “Voices of Victory,” a quartet of men from a couple of our churches, give a shortened version of a concert. It proved to be an inspirational night of praise to God made up of audience singing and some good old-fashioned quartet four-part harmony as well.