Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Activities

If you read this magazine on a regular basis, then you probably have discovered by now that there was something missing between pages 95 and 96 of the November 15th issue. The missing words were these: “…spoke on the subject of Christian Education. The congregation of the Edgerton, MN PRC met recently and approved putting permanent….” Our apologies to the readers of the “News” and to both Rev. Haak and our congregation in Edgerton. At least now we know what subject Rev. Haak spoke on, and who is sitting on newly padded pews.

Once again the deacons and the Helping Hands Committee of the Hudsonville, MI PRC sponsored a food drive for members of their congregation. Hudsonville’s members were encouraged to use this as an expression of thankfulness for what they have been given, both spiritually and materially by their Lord and Savior.

Women from our Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI have met this fall for a weekly Bible Study at the Beaverdam Christian Reformed Church in Beaverdam, MI. As an expression of thanks to Beaverdam for the use of their church, Georgetown brought donations for the Zeeland Food Pantry, a project supported by Beaverdam.

Mr. Angus Stewart and Mr. Philip Rainey, the two men from the Covenant PRC in Northern Ireland who are attending our seminary, have settled into their home near the seminary and have been attending our Hudsonville, MI PRC. In an effort to get to know them better, Hudsonville’s congregation has been taking turns every Sunday having them over for dinner. Besides getting better acquainted, it also provides the men with a home-cooked meal and perhaps even a few leftovers for the week.

The Monday evening catechism classes of our First PRC in Holland, MI, along with other interested young adults, made a trip to the Scriptorium in Grand Haven, MI on November 20. The purpose was to acquaint the young people with the various forms in which the Bible has been written and preserved throughout its history.

Mission Activities

Rev. C. Terpstra and Mr. Gary Kaptein traveled to Spokane, WA on November 7 on behalf of our Domestic Mission Committee to visit with the leaders and members of the Sovereign Grace Reformed Church. This small, currently independent Reformed congregation is seeking to affiliate in some way with us and requested the visit.

Rev. W. Bruinsma and Mr. Gary Kaptein visited the San Luis Valley, CO mission in mid-November, also on behalf of our Domestic Mission Committee.

Young Adults’ Activities

The Young Adults’ Fellowship of our Hope PRC in Redlands, CA invited their whole church to an ice skating party on November 22.

Young adults around west Michigan were invited to a “Retreat” at the Benton Harbor, MI Quality Inn on October 31. Rev. C. Terpstra led the discussion centered on the theme “Submitting to God’s Will.”

Evangelism Activities

In a continuation from our December 1st “News,” we mention some more lectures sponsored by various of our churches in celebration of the Reformation.

The Reformed Witness Committee of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI sponsored a lecture on November 7 at their church. Prof. R. Dykstra spoke on “A Restored Treasure of the Reformation: Sovereign Free Double Predestination.”

The same night Prof. D. Engelsma spoke at our Randolph, WI PRC on the theme, “The Reformation’s Influence Upon the Family: Blessing and Bane.”

The Evangelism Committee of the Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada sponsored a Reformation Day lecture. Their pastor, Rev. R. Miersma, spoke on the “Necessary Reformation of the Church.”

Rev. R. Moore was the featured speaker at a lecture sponsored by the Evangelism Committee of the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada. He spoke on “Reformation for the Church Today.”

A public lecture was sponsored by the Lynden, WA PRC on October 31. Rev. G. VanBaren, pastor of the Loveland, CO PRC, spoke on the topic, “Satan—And the Mother of All Battles.”