Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Mission Activities

Rev. A. denHartog declined the call to serve as our churches’ missionary in Ghana. Pray for our Hull, IA PRC as that church must now form a new trio.

In connection with this call to Ghana, our churches Foreign Mission Committee has also asked that the councils of our churches inquire in their congregations whether there be individuals, couples, or families that are interested in spending a minimum of six months on the field in Ghana to be a help and to assist the missionary to Ghana when God calls a missionary to that field.

Evangelism Activities

The Reformed Witness Committee, part of the evangelism efforts of the Edgerton, MN; Hull, IA; and Doon, IA PRCs is once again sponsoring a Bible Discussion at Dordt College. Their first meeting was held on September 16.

The Evangelism Committee of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI is also sponsoring a Bible Study this year at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI. For your information, GVSU is located about five miles from Grace and has an enrollment of around 14,500 students. Many of the college-age young adults in our west Michigan churches also attend there.

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC is sponsoring a community Reformed Doctrine class this fall. This is intended to be a series of six classes, taught by Rev. C. Terpstra, pastor at South Holland, and Seminarian D. Kleyn, serving his internship at South Holland, and will run alternate Thursdays until December 5. The first class, held September 19, was entitled, “The Origin and History of the Reformed Faith.”

Denominational Activities

The Mr. and Mrs., Adult, and Junior Societies’ annual Fall League Meeting for the churches in Michigan was held on September 17 at the Byron Center, MI PRC. Rev. R. VanOverloop gave a very well-received speech entitled, “Reformed Admonition: True Love of the Brother,” based on Matthew 18.

A recent letter of thanks to the congregation of the South Holland, IL PRC from Prof. D. Engelsma on behalf of the. Seminary, thanking them for a recent offering for its building expansion reminds me to report that about $30,000.00 is still needed to pay off the expansion project just completed last year. We echo Prof. Engelsma when he asked South Holland to remember the Seminary in giving and prayers.

The Hope Heralds, an all-male choir from the churches in and around Grand Rapids, MI, presented their annual end-of-the-season concert on September 8 at the Hope PRC in Walker, MI.

Minister Activities

The First PRC of Holland, MI extended a call to Rev. C. Terpstra, elected from a trio which included also Revs. A. denHartog and S. Key.

School Activities

An Open House Celebration for the newly relocated and expanded Adams Christian School was held on Saturday, September 21. Supporters of Adams were invited to come and enjoy complimentary refreshments and special numbers.

The Junior High students from the Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA enjoyed a two-day outing in mid-September at Warm Beach Camp. Marine biology and forest ecology were studied. Besides that, some other, really “fun” outdoor activities (sorry, biology teachers) such as swimming and canoeing were also planned.

Congregational Activities

At the beginning of Seminarian VanderWal’s internship at the First PRC in Holland, MI, the diaconate asked the members of that congregation to bring groceries for the VanderWals as a show of welcome.

Pastor-elect Richard Smit sustained his oral examination at Classis West in Randolph, WI in early September, giving a good account of himself. He was ordained on September 9 as the twelfth pastor of the Doon, IA PRC. Prof. R. Decker preached the ordination sermon, and Rev. R. Moore read the form for ordination. Doon officially welcomed the Smits on the following Friday, with fellowship and a ball game before supper and a short program following. The next Lord’s Day, September 15, Rev. Smit preached in the morning from the Heidelberg Catechism and in the afternoon from II Corinthians 4:7, entitling his inaugural sermon, “This Treasure in Earthen Vessels.” May the Lord bless Rev. Smit and his wife Tricia in Doon and enrich that congregation and our denomination through his labors.

The blueprints of the new parsonage of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL were recently on display for their congregation, and construction is now well on the way towards completion.

The Edgerton, MN PRC Marriage Conference Committee sponsored an Old Fashioned Picnic with a “picnic basket social” for Labor Day, September 2. Plans called for a volley ball tournament, ball games, and activities for all ages. Proceeds were designated for the marriage conference scheduled for early next year.