.Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

School Activities

Do your vacation plans this summer include spending some time in Colorado? If they do, you could help the Loveland PR Christian School and your wallet at the same time. It just so happens that that school’s fund-raisers are sponsoring a Bed and Breakfast project. For $30.00 you will receive a comfortable bed, fellowship with other Christians, and breakfast the next morning. A $2.00 additional donation is requested for each child. If you are visiting Loveland over Sunday, a noon meal can also be arranged. If you would like to make a reservation or if you have more questions, simply contact Mrs. Clara VanBaren, 709 E. 57th St., Loveland, CO 80538, phone (303) 667-1347, or Mrs. Gina Solanyk (303) 669-9005.

At the March Parent /Teacher Conferences held at our Adams St. Chr. School in Grand Rapids, MI, there was yet another unique fundraiser for Adams. Parents, grandparents, and other supporters were asked to be part of a test drive. Representatives from Chrysler Corp. were at school with mini-vans and were paying $5 per adult and $10 per couple for them simply to drive around the block and tell the representatives what they thought. It was promised that there would be no sales pitch.

Evangelism Activities

This being the first week in April, my mind wanders south to the warm state of Texas and our Trinity PRC in Houston, who will this week (April 3, 4, 5) be hosting a Spring Conference on Reformed Evangelism. Trinity has worked long and hard on this conference and we all hope and pray that nothing but good will come from it.

In the last bulletin I received from Trinity it was noted that on the Lord’s Day, April 2, the sanctuary at Trinity would host four worship services. The four speakers for the conference were each scheduled to preach at one of these services. Rev. Mahtani, pastor at Trinity, at 9:30 A.M.; Rev. Haak, from Bethel PRC, Elk Grove Village, IL, at 11:30 A.M.; Rev. VanOverloop, pastor at Georgetown PRC in Bauer, MI, at 400 P.M.; and Prof. Engelsma from our seminary, at 6:00 P.M.

At last count Trinity was expecting 170 registered guests, with about 140 of those staying at the J Bar J Ranch and 30 at homes or in motels. They also expected another dozen or more visitors to come mostly for the evening lectures. We certainly echo the prayers of Trinity when we say, may God’s Name be praised and His people richly blessed through this conference.

The Evangelism Societies of the Byron Center and Hudsonville, MI PRCs joined together to sponsor a lecture held in the auditorium of the Jamestown CRC on March 23. Rev. B. Gritters, Hudsonville’s pastor, spoke on the subject, “Imitators of Jesus Christ.”

Those gathered together that night heard Pastor Gritters ask and answer the all-important questions, What did Jesus Christ do when He lived, that Christians are to imitate? And if Jesus were to examine the conduct of churches and Christians today, would He find them behaving as He behaved?”

Congregational Activities

The Council of the Bethel PRC in Elk Grove Village, IL decided back in February to investigate the details involved in holding worship services at the Holiday Inn, 680 Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL, a location, about five miles from their form’& meeting place in the Children’s World Learning Center in Elk Grove Village. Bethel was finding it more and more difficult to move the massive amounts of day-care center equipment every Sunday, as well as every time the center was used for Bible study or catechism. Besides that, every use of the center meant having to move more than 100 chairs in and out of a shed outside, in all kinds of weather, and the room was just getting too small.

For these and other reasons the congregation decided to approve the recommended move and, beginning April 2, all divine worship services, catechism classes, and Bible study meetings will be held there.

On Saturday, March 18, the men of the Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL began doing the groundwork for their new church building.

Minister Activities

The Byron Center, MI PRC will call a pastor on Sunday, April 23, from a trio of the Revs. denHartog, Key, and Koole.

The Edgerton, MN PRC has extended a call to Rev. C. Terpstra, pastor of the South Holland, IL PRC.

Rev. M. Joostens, pastor of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI, has accepted the call he was extended from the Lynden, WA PRC.

Rev. and Mrs. M. DeVries, with their family, received permission to enter Canada to reside there as pastor of the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Rev. DeVries preached his farewell in Edgerton, MN on Sunday, March 19 and moved that week, arriving in Edmonton on Friday, the 24th. Installation was scheduled for the 27th, and we assume Rev. DeVries preached his first sermon, as First’s third pastor, the following Sunday. We also learned that Rev. and Mrs. DeVries are in Canada without their four children. The children stayed in Minnesota because of work and a desire to finish the school year there.