Rev. David Engelsma, pastor of our church in South Holland, Illinois, has received a call from our new congregation in Houston, Texas, to be their first pastor. 

The Reformed Witness Committee in Northwest Iowa and Minnesota has sponsored a series of three lectures this spring in Runals Memorial Hall in Edgerton, Minnesota, on the general theme of Recognizing the Signs of the Times. The topics and speakers were as follows, “Old Creeds—Right for these Last Days?” (March 17, Rev. Marvin Kamps). “Faithful Preaching—Do We Still Need It?” (March 31, Rev. James Slopsema). “Biblical Discipline—Too Conservative for Today?” (April 14, Rev. Mark Hoeksema). 

Edgerton also scheduled a “Men’s-Ladies’ Social” on Monday, April 4. There was to be a discussion on “Baptism on the Mission Field” and also special numbers from the Men’s and Ladies’ Societies. All the adults of the congregation were invited to attend this meeting. The bulletin announcement did not say, but I have a suspicion that coffee and other suitable refreshments were served at this meeting. 

The Western Ladies’ League meeting, was scheduled for April 21 at 1:00 PM in Hull, Iowa. Rev. Mark Hoeksema’s topic was “Molding Christian Character In the Home.” In the east, it would be very unusual to hold a public meeting such as this at a time other than a weekday evening, but in the west an afternoon meeting is not too unusual. 

The Classis East Office Bearer’s Conference was held on April 5 at Southeast Church. Rev. Ronald VanOverloop’s topic was “Our Responsibility to the Church and School vs. Our Responsibility to the Family.” This is a topic of no little interest to many men in our churches who often find themselves spending many evenings away from their families while busy with the work of the church and Christian school. 

The Eastern Ladies’ League and the, Men’s League have scheduled a combined meeting in Hudsonville Church on April 26. Rev. B. Woudenberg was asked to speak on “The Victory of the Church in the Life of Its Members.” The young people’s societies in our Hudsonville Church decided to make it their project to pay for the sign in front of their new church. To accomplish this goal, a committee was busy contacting all the young people in the congregation in an attempt to raise the $700 cost of the new sign. 

A Quiet Thought from the Southeast bulletin: “He who has no desire to be in the company of God’s people on the Sabbath, will not be among them when the Lord comes to claim His own—unless by the grace of God they repent.”