A special event occurred recently—a piece of news was received from our church in Prospect Park, New Jersey. A special event took place there recently. Rev. den Hartog’s family increased in size by one, Jonathan Craig, on April 18. In all fairness to Classis West we should also note that family expansions took place this spring in the parsonages in South Holland, Illinois, and Randolph, Wisconsin. 

And, speaking of news, none has been received since last August from our churches in Doon, Iowa; Forbes, North Dakota; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Lynden, Washington; and Prospect Park, New Jersey (the birth news came via a third party). Holland, Michigan, sent bulletins once, and Edmonton twice last fall. This editor would appreciate hearing from all the churches. 

Our church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has made the following trio: Rev. W. Bekkering, Rev. M. Kamps, and Rev. G. Van Baren. 

The First Church (Grand Rapids) bulletin reported on a response to the cassette tape ministry carried on by First Church, received from a listener in Rhodesia who borrowed a sermon tape on “The Perseverance of the Saints” and desired to obtain more of these tapes. The listener obtained our address in a copy of “The Standard Bearer” loaned to him by another party. The Rhodesian listener would like to order more of our materials but is unable to send money out of the country as the banks there will not give foreign currency drafts. It is always amazing to see how our materials are found all over the world. 

Rev. Kuiper has spent the last three Sundays of April in Edmonton. Rev. Kortering was scheduled to go for the first three Sundays in May. At last report Rev. Moore expected to take up his labors there about the end of May. 

Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan, has a nice custom of presenting Psalters to those young people who have completed or “graduated” from Sunday School. Faith Church’s building committee has caught the “spring cleaning fever”—they scheduled Saturday morning, May 22, as the day for clean-up of the church site grounds. Volunteers were sought to come out for this work to keep the grounds looking as neat as possible. 

Spring seems to be one of the “busy seasons” in our churches. A great number of lectures, mass meetings, and fund-raising events are held across the land. Some examples of this annual burst of activity follow. The Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School in Doon, Iowa, schedules several chapels each year in Doon Church and invites parents and friends of the school to meet with the students and staff. Rev. Mark Hoeksema addressed one of these chapel meetings in early March. The Men’s Society of South Holland Church sponsored a public lecture on March 25. Rev. David Engelsma spoke on the subject, “Marriage and Divorce.” Rev. Engelsma lectured in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on April 1, on the topic “A Reformed Look at Pentecostalism.” Covenant Christian High School Choir journeyed from Grand Rapids to South Holland on April 2nd to present a concert there. The Spring Mass Meeting of the Men’s League was held on April 4. Rev. M. Joostens spoke on “How Do We See Ourselves in the Light of the Beatitudes?” The Classis East Office Bearers’ Conference was held on April 6. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on “When Family Discipline Fails, When Should Church Discipline Be Applied?” The Redlands, California, Church Choral Society presented the cantata “Hallelujah! What A Savior” on April 15th. Refreshments were served after the program. Hope Choral Society (Walker, Michigan) presented their Spring program on Easter Sunday evening. Two more League Meetings in the Grand Rapids area: Mr. & Mrs. League was addressed by Rev. J. Heys on April 20 on the subject, “Recognizing the Work of the Holy Spirit in our Lives.” Ladies League met on April 27. Rev. H. Veldman spoke on “The Power of Unceasing Prayer.” Rev. Veldman has been campaigning this year to combine some of these league meetings. So far he has not met with a great deal of success. All of these lectures and meetings do place quite a load on our ministers who are asked to speak for these events. Prof. H. Hanko mentioned that he gave his 225th speech this Spring. If my figures are correct, that means Prof. Hanko has averaged a speech a month over his 20 years in the ministry. These speeches are in addition to bringing the Word in regular worship services and in addition to all of the regular work of our ministers. 

While I have not run out of lectures and meetings to report, I have used up the reporting space. Continued next month. . . .