News From Our Churches

Seeing our two seminary candidates receive and accept calls from our churches has been encouraging to our seminary professors, who have begun teaching five seminary students this fall. To honor this new year of instruction, Prof. H. Hoeksema spoke at the seminary convocation on “The Seminary and the Preacher,” emphasizing the purpose of the seminary to train ministers to preach God’s Word. A quote from South Holland’s bulletin read,” ‘The pastor ought to have two voices: one, for gathering the sheep; and another, for warding off and driving away wolves and thieves.’ -John Calvin.” This can be accomplished by God through young men who have been properly instructed to preach the Word of God. 

Fifty years is half a century, or if you please 600 months, or 2600 weeks, or 5200 sermons, depending on who you might be. If you were with Rev. and Mrs. Herman Veldman September 9 at Southwest Church you would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and also Rev. Veldman’s 50 years as a minister in our Protestant Reformed Churches. Rev. Veldman once replied to the statement about having his wife walk on his sore back, “I don’t want her on my back. I want her off my 1 back!” May God continue to bless this faithful marriage within our churches.

The Mission Committee is in the process of establishing a mailing list in order to send out the newReformed Witness Newsletter. As I was informed, this newsletter will be written primarily by Rev. Houck and Rev. Van Overloop and will include some devotional material as well as letters from contacts made by the Mission Committee. This will be under the direction of the Domestic Sub Committee and will appear once a month.

My predecessor, C.K., began his work as news editor, October 1, 1980. During the past two years as news editor, C.K. has faithfully fulfilled the original statement of purpose “To reach out to the far-out outposts. . .drawing them into a closer circle with the rest of our churches. . .a means to embrace one another in the communion of the saints.” As God has used C.K. in this capacity, so may God continue this work through this willing servant. 


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