News From Our Churches

Three months ago we reported concerning the difficulty of our bulletin typists to find room for the numerous spring bulletin announcements. Things are quite different now: announcements are spread out across the page and excess space is often given to a variety of poems and other quotes. One bulletin clerk, considering what was written about overflowing bulletins, I think, added this little handwritten note to the bottom of a bulletin which had announcements widely spaced: “How’s this for making a little news look like a lot?” A few weeks later that same bulletin clerk wrote, “Sorry, I couldn’t stretch it this time!” Needless to say, there was a lot of white showing on that bulletin.

As we reported earlier, much of the bulletin overcrowding problem in the spring is due to numerous speeches that are addressed at that time to a variety of church groups. Since we now have the space, I will briefly list to whom the speeches were addressed, the speakers and the titles of the speeches that have been announced on bulletins since the beginning of the year:

—Kalamazoo Church—Prof. Decker—”Assurance of Salvation—What is it?”

—Ladies’ Society of Hope in Walker, Michigan—Prof. Hanko—”Organ transplants, Right or Wrong?”

—Adams St. Chr. School Mothers’ Club—Rev. C. Hanko—”Prayer and Our Children”; Mrs. Marilyn Decker—”Early Years’ Training in the Home”; Prof. Hanko—”Authority to Serve”

—The Eastern League of Men’s and Ladies’ Societies—Rev. Haak—”Faith Healing”

—A Ladies’ League meeting in Edgerton, Minn.—Rev. Slopsema—”The Wise Woman”

—Men’s Society of South Holland, Illinois—Rev. Houck—”Return to Historic Calvinism” 

—Mr. and Mrs. League Meeting at Holland, Michigan—Rev. C. Hanko—”Schisms of 1953″ 

—Spring Lecture in Grand Rapids—Prof. Decker—”The Believer and His Bible” 

—Office-Bearers Conference at Holland, Michigan—Rev. Miersma—”Putting on the Whole Armour of God” 

—Lecture sponsored by our Covenant Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey—Rev. R. Hanko—”The Church and Her Creeds”

The following announcements were taken from the June 20th bulletin of First Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Seminarian Ken Hanko has returned from Florida. The consistory decided to discontinue the work there at least for the summer months due to the negative response of Synod and the poor attendance there during the summer.” And “Last Monday evening it was decided to accept the offer of the Franklin St. Church of Christ for our church property. Approval of the new building plans will be delayed until after the closing of the sale.” Standard Bearer readers who have seen the big, beautiful church building on the corner of Fuller and Franklin can appreciate, I’m sure, the difficulty of reaching that decision. 

Since we’re on the subject of First Church, maybe now would be a good time to throw in a little tidbit about First’s old parsonage: A few months ago The Standard Bearer business manager, Mr. Vander Wal, noticed something familiar about the return address of a letter requesting some of our pamphlets. Closer examination revealed that the address was indeed that of the former First Church parsonage (located next, to the church) which at that time was being rented out to a party not affiliated with our churches.

Quite a bit of the news in this column is on the old side. To continue in that vein—only a little deeper this time—we include a discovery made by Seminarian Gritters while he was doing some research for a term paper on 1953. He found the following article of interest in the April, 1953 Minutes of Classis East: “Moved to send a letter of sympathy and greeting to our brother, Rev. _______, who soon must submit to a major operation, and our stated clerk shall execute this.” 

Mr. Gritters added this editorial comment, “And you thought stated clerks had to be qualified now!”