News From Our Churches

Now that candidates Tom Miersma and Jon Smith have passed their examinations at Classis, Jon will be heading to Edgerton immediately but Tom will have to wait awhile. When candidate d Tom Miersma received and accepted the call from our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada congregation, he had at least three months to wait before he could move up north. By the time this news is printed, he will have one and a half more months to wait. 

The life of a minister or a professor in our denomination is a busy one, not only because of the two sermons each Sunday or the daily labor in the seminary, but “also all the other activities involving lectures and speeches to various organizations. Here are a few of these activities: Prof. Hoeksema has a “Canons” class that meets every other Wednesday in the Byron Center-Cutlerville area; Prof. Hanko not only has a Bible class every Monday at Hope Church but also the Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Society on alternate Tuesdays; he also has spoken by this time to Hope’s PTA on “The Cost of Christian Education”; Prof. Decker has a Men’s Society every Monday night; Rev. Kortering was speaker to Loveland’s School Convocation; Rev. Miersma will have spoken to the Mr. and Mrs. League Meeting on “‘Moral Majority”; Rev. Heys spoke to Faith’s Sunday School classes and showed slides of his work in Jamaica; Rev. Flikkema will have spoken to the Men’s and Ladies’ Society of Southeast Church on “Strengths & Weaknesses of the P.R. Churches”; Rev. Hanko preached a sermon in People’s Park Church one Sunday morning on “Limited Atonement”; and Rev. DeVries spoke at the annual meeting of the R.F.P.A. 

When I received the large manila envelope containing various categories for News From Our Churches, I found nothing in the “Young Peoples” folder. After searching through the newly sent bulletins, I found this announcement in Hull’s bulletin: “The Steering Committee of the 1982 Convention would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that helped make the 1982 Convention a success. . . .” Six of our ministers were part of that success. Three ministers led the discussion groups. Their themes were as-follows: “Modern Day Idolatry,” by Rev. Kamps; “Confessing Faith,” by Rev. Slopsema; and “Personal Devotions,” by Rev. Cammenga. If you want to know one reason why the Convention was successful then read part of an announcement in Hull’s bulletin, “. . .thanks to the congregation for their support the past two years in planning and holding the 1982 Convention.” 

The support of conventions often comes through church offerings, and as I look at the weekly offerings of our various congregations I see many other worthy causes to support, e.g., Jamaican Ministers’ Fund, our Christian Schools, Our Guide, our magazines, Evening Meditations of Hudsonville Church, Evangelism Committees, Reformed Witness Hour, and many others. This is evidence enough to show that our churches are busy in the cause of God’s Kingdom. 

It is good to see that in many of our church bulletins there is room for radio work. In two of our midwest churches, Hull and Loveland, the time and radio frequency are given every week. In addition, Loveland provides printed copies of the radio sermons for the congregation. Kalamazoo’s bulletin mentions the “Reformed Witness Hour Question Hour” maintained by Rev. Woudenberg. Hudsonville Church sponsors their own “Saturday Evening Meditations,” which I believe is a taped copy of their Sunday service, and heard over WJBL-FM, 9 P.M. each Saturday. I know there must be other churches doing radio work, so how about sending me some information on that subject? Here is a quote from a radio sermon by Rev. R. VanOverloop that was used as a thought for reflection in Loveland’s bulletin: “Let me ask you some questions concerning that. How worn is your Bible? How often in each day do you meditate upon it?. . .How well do youknow your Bible? How full are its margins with your notes? Is there any time or any place or any activity that is of more value to you than godliness, which is profitable unto everything?” I understand that the Reformed Witness Hour will be sending out a newsletter very soon to all the churches and in it will be a list of all the present radio stations and their broadcast times. 

There is not enough space to mention other news, so I will leave that until next time. You can count on looking for news about Sunday School and our various school activities past, present, and future, the next time.