Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Ministerial Activities

The congregation of Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI invited all members of other West Michigan PR congregations to meet with them for the installation of Rev. R. Cammenga on September at their church. Prof. Hanko officiated at this service.

The congregation of Loveland, CO PRC extended a call to Rev. R. VanOverloop, presently serving our churches as pastor of Bethel PRC in Elk Grove Village, IL, to serve as their pastor. Rev. VanOverloop has declined the call.

I take this opportunity, also, to clear up a misconception that I may have inadvertently created in the August issue of the SB, regarding the call that Rev. W. Bekkering received from First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI to serve as missionary to Jamaica. In that news item I indicated that Rev. Bekkering was considering the call to Jamaica when Synod decided to close that field. That, at least, was what I thought. And it seemed logical to me that no field in Jamaica meant that Rev. Bekkering no longer had a call to consider. Evidently, however, it happened differently. Rev. Bekkering received the call and, in fact, he subsequently also declined it, all before this year’s Synod decided to close the field in Jamaica. I apologize for any confusion I may have created.

Denominational Activities

The congregation of Lynden, WA PRC served as host to the meetings of Classis West for the first time in their history this past September. In connection with the meeting of Classis, the congregation planned a full week of events for their spiritual profit, and to enjoy and experience the communion of saints. On Monday evening before Classis met, Rev. C. Terpstra was the guest speaker for convocation exercises for Covenant Christian School. Rev. Terpstra spoke on one’s calling to apply himself diligently in the pursuit of spiritual wisdom. Tuesday there was an Officebearers’ Conference on the topic of “Reformed Missions.” Tuesday evening there was volleyball and basketball at the Lynden Middle School, for all families and delegates of Classis. Wednesday was Classis, followed on Thursday evening by a slide presentation on Missions in Ghana, presented by Rev. R. Dykstra, who spoke about the recent work of our churches’ Foreign Mission Committee in Ghana.

On Sunday morning, September 5th, the group known informally as the Georgetown Area PR group met for the first time at the Bauer Elementary School. At that first Sunday service there were approximately 30 families represented, with about 140 individuals in attendance. Prof. R. Decker preached on the theme, “Joshua’s Choice,” based on the familiar text Joshua 24:15b: “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of Hudsonville, MI PRC sponsored a lecture in their church on September 14 with Rev. G. VanBaren, Hudsonville’s pastor, speaking on the topic “The Zigzagging Spirit.”

From news out Of South Holland, IL PRC’s Evangelism Committee, we quote part of a letter received from the clerk of a Protestant Chaplain in the Soledad (California) prison: “The purpose of this letter is, I would like for you to send our prison chapel some booklets. This chapel has no Reformed literature at all. I’m trying to get us as much Reformed literature as possible. My personal preference is Reformed theology. We will of course appreciate any help you can give us.”

Congregational Activities

Rev. and Mrs. Kortering stopped in California on their way back to Singapore in early September and were able to preach for the congregation of the Hope PRC in Redlands. Rev. Kortering also consented to give a slide presentation and speak about his work in our sister churches in Singapore, where he is engaged as minister-on-loan from our denomination.

The Hope Heralds presented their annual fall concert after the evening service on September 12th, in the auditorium of Hope PRC in Walker, MI.

School Activities

In a newsletter from the Association for PR Secondary Education in Lansing, IL, it was reported that, since their beginning in 1981, they have been able to save enough money to make it possible to consider the possibility of purchasing property in Lansing. Presently they are looking at property adjacent to that owned by the Peace PRC.