Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Young People’s Activities

The 1997 PRYP Convention was held this year from August 18-22 at Camp Miniwanca on the shore of Lake Michigan, about an hour’s drive north of Grand Rapids, MI. This year’s convention was hosted by the young people of the Hudsonville, MI PRC. Being a member of that congregation, I had the privilege of spending that week at the convention, and what an enjoyable week it was!

We at Hudsonville thank God, first of all, for keeping all the conventioneers and adults safe before, during, and after the convention, and for providing us with a delightful and profitable week. Although the weather was not warm or sunny much, the testimony of the young people was that they had a fantastic time. The four speeches were excellent, and the behavior of the young people was commendable. In fact, those who ran the camp and other facilities told us that our young people were the best behaved that they had seen this summer. We can be thankful that the Lord gave us this good witness. I would also add that, personally, I saw these 300 plus young people who attended as mature, God-fearing young Christians. They were ready for a good time, but they could also quiet down within seconds when the conversation swung around to spiritual things. They continually witnessed to each other of the love they have for the Lord Jesus Christ and for each other. As churches, we have much to be thankful for. Let us pray for each of these young people, that the Lord will use this week for long-term Christian growth and friendships. He alone can give the real fruit.

We also know that as quickly as one convention passes, another church begins laying plans for next year. Such is the case again this year. Our Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI will be hosting our 58th annual convention. It will be held, the Lord willing, at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI, July 20-25, 1998.

Mission Activities

This past month many of our church bulletins contained weekly up-dates concerning Rev. J. Mahtani and his investigatory trip to Ghana.

Mrs. Mahtani was not able to accompany her husband as originally planned because she could not receive the necessary vaccinations since she is early in her pregnancy. So Rev. Mahtani spent from July 29 through August 14 renewing contacts with Rev. Gabriel Anyigba and many others. He was able to visit Accra and Kumasi. He also held a public lecture/slide presentation in Accra, where 50-60 visitors were anticipated. Rev. Mahtani was also able to preach on Sundays and was able to attend the annual synod of the EPC of Ghana. He also spent time checking out the schools, hospitals, and housing, as well as talk with the Ghanaian Immigration Office.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI sponsored a Summer Seminar entitled, “The Rock Whence We are Hewn.” This seminar traced the very interesting developments in the Reformed Church in the Netherlands after the Synod of Dordt to the founding of the PRC in America. The series was held on four successive Wednesdays in July and August. Rev. R. Cammenga, pastor at Southwest, spoke and answered such questions as, What was the Afscheiding? What was the Doleantie? What were the issues involved in the founding of the CRC in 1857 and what were the issues involved in the founding of the PRC in 1924?

The Church Extension Committee of our Loveland, CO PRC has been busy this past summer making up pamphlet-booklets to include with their city’s “Welcome Wagon” program. Included was the pamphlet, “The Family: Foundations are Shaking” by Rev. B. Gritters. On August 11 the young people of Loveland distributed these pamphlets in their neighborhood, inviting those interested to attend one of their services.

Congregational Activities

The committee charged with the building of the new parsonage of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada received and accepted an offer to sell their old parsonage. The new owners were to take possession on August 7. Immanuel also approved the purchase of pews and a new organ for the sanctuary.

The Building Committee of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI reports that site preparation has begun and it is hoped that it will be completed by the middle of October. The committee also continues to look at various church buildings in order to obtain ideas.

Minister Activities

Rev. Mahtani has declined the call he received to be missionary to Ghana.

Candidate Martin VanderWal has accepted the call extended to him from our Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ. Candidate James Laning has accepted the call extended from the Hope PRC in Walker, MI. Both are scheduled to be examined at Classis East on September 10, the Lord willing, with their installation following soon after.