Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Young People’s Activities

The young people of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI have been busy working on a fund-raising project for the better part of a year now. About this time last year they began gathering the necessary information needed to put together a church directory that would include all the members of the Protestant Reformed Churches in Michigan. But, more than that, the thought of the committee was to incorporate also a directory of businesses in those same churches. After what must have been a lot of time-consuming work, Hope’s young people succeeded in putting together that directory. It contains some 50 pages of names of the Michigan PRC membership, followed by some 14 pages of advertising. All in all, a nicely done directory and a good addition to the individual church directories that each Michigan church has.

The young people of the Grandville, MI PRC recently hosted a hamburg fry at Hope PR Christian School. What caught my eye regarding that event was the fact that Grandville was offering both sit-down and to-go services. In other words, fast food comes to your young people’s fund raising.

One final item about our young people involves the Young People’s Society of the Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL. They met recently to discuss the theme, “The Morality of the U.S. Constitution and its Authors,” a thought-provoking topic. No word on what was decided.

Congregational Activities

Staying with the Bethel PRC for a couple more news items, we find that architectural plans have been completed on their proposed new church building and have been sent out to various contractors for bids. Final cost estimates were expected by the end of February. If all went as planned, Bethel could possibly have a congregational meeting in early March for final review and approval.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the official Bethel PRC web site is now on-line at: Bethel is also linked with our other churches who have home pages on the web.

As noted in an earlier “News,” the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI observed their 25th anniversary on February 15. This evidence of God’s faithfulness was celebrated that evening with a short program which featured Faith’s Choral Society, the Sunday School, the Voices of Victory, and others of their congregation. A light lunch followed. That Sunday morning the congregation also had the added blessing of celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.

Sister Church Activities

We extend our somewhat belated congratulations to one of our sister churches, the First Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore, on the occasion of the observance of their 16th anniversary as a congregation on January 17. We echo the thoughts taken from their January 18 bulletin and pass it along to you, our readers. “The beauty of a bride lies in the harmonious adorning of her whole frame, so the beauty of Christ’s bride is in her members living harmoniously according to the eternal Word of God.” Good words for each of us to remember.

Our churches recently received notice from our denomination’s Committee for Contact with other Churches that they had received official notification from our sister church in Wellington, New Zealand that they have disbanded. They have formed themselves into two fellowships, one in Wellington and one in Ashurst, approximately 2 ½ hours drive from each other on the North Island. It was also their wish that the amount of their General Fund be divided into three equal parts between the work and promotion of the Standard Bearer, the Reformed Witness Committee of Hope PRC in Walker, MI, and the radio ministry of the Reformed Witness Hour of the PRC in America. They also wished to convey their thanks to all of our church membership for all that we have done for them over our years of contact with each other.

Minister Activities

Our vacant South Holland PRC formed a new trio consisting of Revs. Gritters, Koole, and Dale Kuiper. Rev. Gritters was elected to receive the call.