Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism News

Many of our readers know that for some time the congregation of our PRC in Redlands, CA has had correspondence with a group of Christians in Santa Cruz who are interested in the Reformed faith and our churches. Redlands has been considering various plans to help these people and at the same time investigate the possibility of future work in the Santa Cruz area.

Redlands has decided to have a series of four Lord’s days of preaching services in this area. Our church in Loveland, CO has also agreed to help in this effort. Plans are that Rev. denHartog, Redlands’ pastor, will be in Santa Cruz for the Lord’s days of October 21 and 28. He will also give a Reformation Day lecture on October 29. Rev. Cammenga, Loveland’s pastor, will be in Santa Cruz on November 4 and 11, D.V. He will also give a midweek lecture. Both pastors hope also to be contacting interested people while they are in the area, to determine the possibility of future missionary labors there.

The Evangelism Committee of our Redlands congregation also played a major role in organizing a special Lord’s day in their own congregation. They planned a special worship service, for September 21, focusing on the importance of Sabbath observance. This service was like any other worship service except that every effort was made to publicize this service in the community through newspaper ads, posters, letters, and personal invitations from the congregation. The sermon that evening was based on Isaiah 58:13, 14, and it set forth the Word of the Lord concerning Sabbath observance. It was hoped that through these efforts Redlands would be able to bring the Word of God to some people from their community.

Acting upon a request from the Reformed Witness Committee, the consistory of our PRC in Doon, IA has been doing some work in Sioux Falls, IA these past few months. This labor has consisted of a Bible or doctrine study with families of the Doon congregation along with1 up to four different families from outside of our churches. If this study continued to go well through August, and if at least two of the families from outside of our churches showed interest in having these studies, the work was to be continued for the coming year. Rev. DeVries has been asked to continue this work pending the approval of his Consistory.

The Evangelism Committee of our PRC in Wyckoff, NJ sponsored a public lecture on September 21. The entire congregation got together a couple of weeks before the lecture to help in the mailing and distributing of fliers advertising this lecture. Prof. D. Engelsma was the featured speaker and he spoke on the subject of God’s grace and the fact that it is particular and not common.

Missionary Activities

Our PRC in Kalamazoo, MI, the calling church for a missionary to Venice, FL, has formed a new trio from which to call, consisting of the Revs. R. Dykstra, B. Gritters, and C. Haak.

The Consistory of our Hudsonville, MI PRC has made the following trio for missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland: Revs. C. Haak, M. Kamps, and T. Miersma.

And since Rev. T. Miersma declined the call he was considering to serve as our churches’ rnissionary to Jamaica, First Church in Grand Rapids, MI has also formed a new trio from which their congregation will call. This trio consists of the Revs. B. Gritters, C. Haak, and J. Kortering.