Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

How time flies. It has been over ten months since our last church profile. Well, this issue seems like a slow news month, so let’s include a profile of the Hudsonville PRC. July 26, 1926 is a date which brings pleasant thoughts to the members of the Hudsonville PRC in Michigan. It was on that date that about 25 families banding together decided to organize as a congregation.

The first service was held in what was known as Spoelman’s barn. Cold weather forced the congregation to abandon that place, and services were then held in the house which later served as Hudsonville’s first parsonage. Realizing the need for a more suitable edifice, the congregation decided to build a church of their own.

A budget of $25.00 per week, amounting to $1.00 per family, was adopted, and their first house of worship was dedicated on April 1, 1927.

Hudsonville now had a church, but as yet no pastor was available to lead them. Almost three years passed before the Lord answered the prayers of the congregation. On October 3, 1929, Rev. Gerrit Vos was installed as their first pastor. In 1932 Rev. DeJong became their next pastor. He remained until 1941 when Rev. Bernard Kok occupied the pulpit. Soon after Rev. Kok left in 1947 for the Holland congregation, Rev. Gerrit Vos returned for the second time. He remained until sickness forced his retirement in 1965. His pastorate was followed by that of Rev. H. Veldman and of Rev. C. Hanko. And in 1977 Rev. G. VanBaren became Hudsonville’s 7th and present pastor.

In 1975 the congregation decided to build a larger house of worship. Ground-breaking ceremonies took place in the spring of 1976, with dedication coming the following January.

The congregation now numbers around 160 families with a total membership of 600.

Among the activities the membership supports is the “Reformed Book Outlet,” a small Christian bookstore located in a plaza in Hudsonville. This store opened in 1985 and continues to serve as an excellent bridge between the church and community.

The congregation is also presently busy with the work of calling a man to serve as missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland.

Hudsonville’s make-up has changed over the years from a mostly rural congregation to one which still includes farmers, but also builders, teachers, doctors, and factory workers. One thing has remained constant however: the close communion of the saints. Despite its size, Hudsonville remains a close church; and by God’s grace she will go into the 90s as a faithful witness.

Evangelism News

The Council of the South Holland PRC in South Holland, IL made a decision to send their pastor, Rev. C. Terpstra, and Mr. Ed Stouwie, Sr. to Boise, Idaho for a weekend to do investigative work among a group of people who are seeking affiliation with a Reformed denomination. This request came through South Holland’s Evangelism Committee which has had contact with these people for close to a year.

Congregational News

The Congregation of the PRC in Hull, IA adopted a proposal to purchase the Andy Scholten property that was adjacent to the property of the Hull PR Christian School. This property was purchased with the view to building a new church on that site, the Lord willing.

Ministerial Calls

The Congregation of our Kalamazoo PRC in Kalamazoo, MI, the calling church for a missionary to Venice, FL, has called Rev. R. Dykstra to serve in that capacity.

On Sunday evening, October 21, the congregation of the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI met after the service and extended a call to Rev. Kortering to serve as missionary to the island of Jamaica.

And on that same night the congregation of our Hudsonville, MI PRC met to call a missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland. A call was extended to Rev. M. Kamps.