Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Ministerial Calls

Rev. M. DeVries has declined the call he received from the Hope PRC in Isabel, SD.

Rev. R. Cammenga has declined the call he was considering from Randolph, WI. The Council of our church in Randolph subsequently produced a new trio from which their congregation was to call a pastor: Revs. M. DeVries, R. Hanko, and R. Moore.

Congregational Highlights

Many of our churches sponsored Reformation Day Lectures in late October.

In the West Michigan area the congregation of the Byron Center PRC sponsored a lecture on October 30 held in the auditorium of the South Christian High School. Rev. B. Gritters, Byron’s pastor, addressed the capacity crowd that evening on the timely subject of the Antichrist. Rev. Gritters answered many questions, including, “Is it proper to connect any of the current religious and political developments with Antichrist?” His answer? “Yes!”

Byron Center planned to follow up this lecture with two related classes held at their church on November 8 and 15, D.V. The first, taught by Rev. R. VanOverloop, dealt with a comparison between Amillennialism and Premillennialism. The second, taught by Prof. H. Hanko, would look at a comparison between Amillennialism and Postmillennialism.

The Reformed Witness Committee of our Doon and Hull, IA, and Edgerton, MN PRC’s sponsored their annual Reformation Lecture. Rev. R. Moore spoke in our Hull PRC on the topic “Reformation for the Church Today.”

Rev. J. Slopsema was the featured speaker of a Reformation lecture sponsored by our Bethel PRC in Elk Grove Village, IL. His lecture was entitled, “Sola Fide—Faith Alone.”

The Dayspring Christian School in Greeley, CO was the setting for the lecture sponsored by the Loveland PRC. Their pastor, Rev. Cammenga, spoke on “The Reformation and Christian Education.”

Our congregation in Redlands, CA also sponsored a lecture dealing with an aspect of the Reformation. Prof. D. Engelsma was the guest speaker.

And the Lynden PRC in Lynden, WA sponsored their lecture on October 31. Pastor C. Haak spoke on “Sola Scriptura.”

Mission News

The original plan for the first “Interim Guidelines Conference” in Jamaica was to send Rev. Joostens and Mr. Clare Prince for four weeks in October-November. Due to the injury to Mr. Prince (he fell and broke his hip) the conference has been postponed to January. In consultation with the Mission Committee, the Council of First Church in Grand Rapids, MI has alternatively approved sending Rev. Joostens and Jamaica Committee chairman, Mr. Dan Pastoor, for one week of preparatory work. They left October 17 and returned on the 24th.

The Council of our Hudsonville, MI PRC has decided to begin video taping all of their services. This decision comes as an answer to a request made by the group in Larne, Northern Ireland. Now, instead of just receiving an audio cassette of a Sunday service, the group in Ireland will be able to experience also visually the blessing of the worship service. Plans call for this to continue until a missionary is sent to Larne.

After a return home for about six weeks, emeritus minister Rev. C. Hanko, along with his daughter, have once again returned to Venice, FL to carry on, as much as possible, the work in the area until a missionary of God’s choosing is sent there as well.