Trivia question

The Protestant Reformed Church of Kalamazoo, MI was organized in 1927. In what year was their first church building constructed? See the Church Profile section for this answer. More trivia next time!


Minister activities

Rev. M. VanderWal accepted the call to First Edmonton PRC. He planned to preach his farewell in Wingham PRC on September 27. Rev. M. DeBoer declined the call from Cornerstone PRC. Kalamazoo PRC called Rev. R. Kleyn. From Hudsonville PRC’s new trio of Revs. J. Engelsma, R. Kleyn, and C. Spronk, Rev. Engelsma received the call on September 20. Wingham PRC has a new trio of Revs. R. Barnhill, J. Engelsma, and C. Spronk. They planned to call on Monday, September 28.


Congregational activities

On Friday, September 25, Prof. Brian Huizinga gave an interactive lecture entitled “Reading the Scriptures Profitably.” The lecture took place at the Lynden, WA PRC church building.


Sister-church activities

From the September 13 bulletin of the Berean PRC in the Philippines:

Beloved, Metro Manila and the province of Bulacan are under GCQ (General community quarantine) from September 1–30, 2020. Rizal Province is placed under Modified GCQ, nonetheless, mass gathering is still strictly monitored as only 10% of the total capacity of the church hall is permitted to hold a public gathering. Besides this, our church building is currently under renovation (roofing work on the 3rd floor) and all our belongings and church property are temporarily placed on the 2nd floor. The project runs from September 1– November 30 as presented to and approved by the Council. For now, we will continue the live-streaming of the preaching of the Word via Facebook live and other media platform until the restrictions are lifted or until the construction in the 3rd floor of our building is done, the Lord willing.


School activities

A new Protestant Reformed school is being planned. This school is Redeemer Christian School, which will begin as a pre-K through eighth-grade school, and, the Lord willing, will grow into a high school. To learn more about this new PR Christian school, visit

Reformed Heritage Christian School in Kalamazoo, MI held their annual mum flower sale fundraiser each Saturday in September at the corner of Nichols and Ravine Roads. There were a variety of colors and sizes.

The Loveland PRCS Fundraisers group is selling CDs and/ or mp3s of Hymns and Psalter arrangements by Lisa Hoekstra entitled “Selah” to raise funds for the needs of their ever- growing school.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3