News From Our Churches

The Evangelism Committee of our South Holland, Illinois church has been informed that the Family Radio Network will be broadcasting a series of 12 to 13 or their pastor’s sermons on Ephesians 5 and Ephesians 6 during the months of July, August, and September. Some seven stations will broadcast Rev. Engelsma’s sermons to a large audience on both the east and west coasts. No charge is made for this service as these stations are supported by contributions. In their announcement, the committee states that they “are thankful that God has opened this door to us and pray that He may bless this effort to the glory of His name.” 

Our small congregation in Forbes, North Dakota, does not usually have a printed bulletin. But, had there been one, mention would have been made of the confession of faith made by two young men of the congregation, as well as of the birth of a second son, Michael Jon, to Rev. and Mrs. M. Hoeksema. Prof. H. C. Hoeksema planned to baptize his grandson on June 20 while visiting Forbes for a few days. Mrs. Hoeksema writes that, because they have not experienced much interest from those outside our denomination in attending the Forbes church, they are very thankful to see the internal growth and development of this small band of believers. 

Since the Report of Classis East will take most of the remaining space in this issue, we will only have room for the following ‘potpourri’ of items: Rev. Kuiper conducted services in Charlotte, Michigan, at the request of five families in that area. Rev. W. Bekkering declined the call from Kalamazoo. Seminarian Ken Koole is ministering in Doon this summer. Doon has extended a call to Rev. M. Kamps of Redlands. Rev. J. Heys was scheduled for surgery on July 13 in Holland, Michigan. The new Hudsonville Church is under construction. Prospect Park has purchased property for the future building of a church (more on that next month.)