Ben wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The month of October marks a new beginning for theStandard Bearer. It is the start of a new volume year. And now that it is October, it also means that it is time for me to go to work as the new News Editor. I just hope that the back page of this magazine continues the excellence that it has enjoyed in the past. Over the years I have always enjoyed reading the Church News and I hope that enjoyment continues on into the future for both you and me.

Not only is this the start of a new year for our Standard Bearer, it is also the time of the year when our church life takes on a much busier schedule. Our church bulletins are full of all sorts of announcements concerning the: start of catechism classes and family visitation. There are reminders to us of the start of Bible-societies, of choirs, and discussion groups. You can tell that summer is over by the number of church activities starting up. There is no need to look outside your window to see if it is fall. Just look at your church bulletin.

There was one announcement that was not seen in any of our church bulletins this fall. Did you miss it? The announcement I am speaking of concerns our seminary convocation. As you all no doubt know, there are no young men enrolled in our seminary this fall. No students, no convocation. This fact has to make us all a little sad. We should remember this need daily in our prayers.

Even though the Hope Heralds, an all male chorus from our Hope Church in Grand Rapids, gave their latest concert on September 7, it should still be mentioned here because that program marked their twenty-fifth anniversary as a group. It isn’t always easy to stay together as a choir for 25 years, and we should add our congratulations to all the men who took part in that group over the past 25 years.

By this time you all should have gotten your copy of theActs of Synod 1986. Although this book will never make the best seller list, it’s free after all, and very informative to read. After all, it deals with the life of our church. I always like to spend some time looking in the Yearbook section of the Acts. It is amazing just how much information about our churches can be found there. And if you haven’t gotten your own free copy of our Acts, don’t forget you are entitled to one.

Rev. R. Flikkema has accepted the call extended to him from Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Wyckoff; N.J.

Our church in Lynden is busy with plans for a public Reformation Day lecture on October 30 at the Lynden Middle School Auditorium. And they are also looking into the possibility of putting their church services on the radio.

South Holland’s Evangelism Committee has also decided to sponsor a Reformation Day lecture in the area of the Northwest Chicago Mission, with our missionary, Rev. Van Overloop, as speaker. As of now a site and topic have yet to be decided.

Hudsonville Church is in the process of completing a new pictorial church directory. I discovered this when I was informed by my wife that our family was scheduled to have our picture taken on a Saturday for that directory. Personally, I like pictorial directories, and I have often thought it would be nice if all our churches had them so they could be exchanged from one congregation to the other.

First Church in Grand Rapids has set Thursday, October 16 as the date for the formal dedication of its new church building and their new organ. An interesting program is being planned, part of which will be numbers sung by a choir being formed just for this event.

Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville opened its doors for the school year on September 3 with an enrollment of over 250 students. That’s quite a few students for only the second year of operation for Heritage. Several classes are over 30 in number and this again means split classes for grades K-3. Needless to say the school is growing faster than expected. But this does present a new problem—room. The Board is currently studying the possibilities of portable classrooms or an addition in the future.