Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Ministerial Calls

Rev. Steve Key received the call from the Hudsonville, MI PRC to serve as missionary to the saints in Larne, Northern Ireland.

Evangelism Activities

A few months ago we noted that a group of five families in Boise, ID requested and received a visit from Rev. C. Terpstra and Elder Ed Stouwie, Sr. of our South Holland, IL PRC. Due to the continued interest of this group, the consistory of Loveland, CO PRC has approved the request of the council of South Holland to release their pastor, Rev. R. Cammenga, to labor there for two weeks in March. Rev. Cammenga will preach in Boise on Sunday, March 10 and 17. This will be in place of a scheduled classical appointment.

Mission Activities

A few issues back we also made mention of the plans for work in Jamaica until a resident missionary is found for the field. Rev. Joostens, in a recent issue of Across the Aisle, writes about his and Elder Ed Gritters’ visit to the island in January on behalf of our churches. He says in part, “Ed and I were in for a pleasant and challenging experience. From 14 to 18 men put in their presence for the continuation of the four-week sessions. Although there were varying abilities, one and all availed themselves of the opportunity to learn and grow in the truth. We can thank the Lord that He continues to open so great a door to preach the Gospel.” You may also like to know that Elder Gritters preserved a record of the conference on video. It is possible that this video may be available to interested societies and individuals at a later date.

While on classical appointment to Northern Ireland, Rev. Kortering wrote his congregation in Grandville, MI concerning some of the activities in Ballymena. The first Sunday Rev. Kortering was there was also the first Sunday the Covenant Reformed Fellowship met in Ballymena, having decided to relocate from Larne. It is more centrally located, a larger-sized city, and it has a good number of people of Presbyterian and Reformed background who are expressing interest in our work. It seems that there is enough spiritual life here that public articles and lectures can generate response.

Congregational Highlights

On Friday, February 22, the congregation of Lynden, WA PRC met to dedicate their new church sanctuary. (A short history, including pictures, provided by Mr. Jim denHartog of our Lynden congregation, follows the “News.”) An open house was held from 1 to 4 PM. Invitations were sent to their four closest sister-churches, to the American Reformed Church, and to their former pastors. An hour of fellowship followed the program.

Evidently Sunday, February 17, was the first time that Lynden, under the blessing of God, met in their house of God. To mark that occasion, there was offered the same dedication prayer which was offered back in 1964 when Lynden dedicated their first church building.

And, finally, we close this issue on a sad note. Kyle Flikkema, 4-yearold son of Rev. and Mrs. R. Flikkema of our Covenant PRC of Wyckoff, NJ, died on February 26. Funeral services were held Saturday, March 2, at the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI. We offer our heart-felt sympathy to Rev. Richard and Marcia Flikkema and their three daughters, Tammy, Tricia, and Heidi. May they be comforted with the words of Romans 14:8 “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”

New Church Builing—Lynden (WA) PRC

On February 22, 1991 our new church sanctuary was dedicated under the theme “The Pillar and Ground of the Truth.” This was the culmination of approximately a four-year building and fund-raising program, which was brought about by the need for a larger sanctuary in which to worship.

We began our building program by looking at the various options available to us. Our options were: 1. To purchase an existing church building in Lynden that was for sale. 2. Selling our current property and purchasing new property to build on. 3. Using our current property on which to build. As these various ideas were studied, discussed, and voted on, we felt our best choice was to remain on our current site, remove our old church building, and construct a new and larger sanctuary.

Retaining the services of a local architect designer, we began working on the concept of a building plan that would be affordable and meet our present and future needs as a congregation. Once this step was completed, actual building plans were drawn up, approved by the congregation, and a cost assessment made.

Approximately a year was then spent on fund-raising and obtaining the needed financing in a manner that could be afforded by the congregation. In the early spring of 1990 the project was put out for bids.

The contract was awarded to a local construction company, and, after spending a few months obtaining the needed permits and approval, we started construction in August of 1990.

During the construction of our new church, it was necessary to remove our old church building and find another location for worship and for Bible studies and catechism classes. For six months we met for worship at the American Reformed Church (the home church of the contractors of our new building). Our Sunday worship services were held at 11:30 AM and 7:30 PM to accommodate four services per Sunday. Our weekly meetings were held at our own Covenant Christian School.

The construction progressed smoothly and rapidly during the late summer and early fall. An extremely wet November and cold windy December and January delayed the completion somewhat, but on February 17, 1991 we were able to worship in our new sanctuary for the first time.

Our new church is a very traditional two-story building featuring a partial daylight basement. The exterior consists of wood siding with brick wainscoting, with the brick accenting the entire north face. The entrance features a large pillar-supported portico with a concrete apron. The upper level of the interior consists of a 400-seat sanctuary finished with sheet rock and oak trim with large, arched, tinted windows. Also included is a foyer, bathrooms, storage room, and a library. The basement features a large gathering room, a nursery, kitchen, bathrooms, and a consistory room. The basement has a suspended ceiling, and the church is carpeted throughout with tile or vinyl in some areas.

As we begin our congregational life in our new sanctuary, our hearts are overwhelmed with thankfulness to our faithful covenant God, and our prayer is that we may continue by His grace to glorify Him with our worship and proclaim His truth faithfully in the years to come.