Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

We begin this issue of the church news with some catching up in the area of trios and calls being considered by various of our denomination’s pastors.

First we report here that Rev. R. Dykstra declined the call he was considering to serve as pastor of the Southwest PRC of Grandville, MI. After that decline, the council of Southwest formed another trio, consisting of the Revs. R. Cammenga, J. Slopsema, and C. Terpstra. At a congregational meeting held on June 9, Southwest decided to extend a call to Rev. Slopsema.

We could also mention that Rev. and Mrs. Rodney Miersma, of the PRC of New Zealand, have returned to the United States for a ten-week vacation. Plans call for the Miersmas to visit with family in Michigan and Iowa and to attend the PR Synod.

This summer, the Lord willing, many of our churches will again enjoy something that has been missing for a couple of years. That something is worship services conducted by our seminary students. From what we have heard, both Seminarians, Allen Brummel and Douglas Kuiper, will be kept busy nearly every Sunday of the summer speaking a word of edification. We take this opportunity to encourage them in this regard and to wish them the Lord’s blessing in this important work.

Congregation Activities

From the Congregation of Trinity PRC in Houston, TX we learn that their pastor-elect, Rev. Mahtani, returned home safely to Singapore after a brief visit to Trinity at the end of April. On his return trip he had time to call on some American-Chinese women in Honolulu with whom our churches have had some contact. While he was there he preached to them on Psalm 46, “God is our Refuge.” We are also happy to report that Trinity’s congregation has been informed that the Department of Immigration and Naturalization has approved their immigration petition for Pastor Mahtani and his family. This means that, the Lord willing, Pastor Mahtani will arrive July 7. Installation is scheduled to take place on July 14.

The last week in May was a memorable one for the congregation of the Hull, Iowa PRC. It started with a call to-Worship service on Wednesday night in their just completed new church sanctuary. This was followed on Friday by an open house and a dedication service. This program was filled with singing, special numbers, and letters from former pastors. Hull’s May 30 bulletin even showed a sketch of the new church on its front cover instead of the old church building. Just seeing that sketch is enough to be assured that Hull’s new building is very nice indeed.

While Hull’s congregation is just now beginning to enjoy its new church home, there are a couple other of our congregations who are just starting down that long road to a permanent church home. The congregations of the Bethel PRC in Elk Grove Village, IL and the Peace PRC of Lansing, IL took official title of their respective properties within days of each other. They now begin to realize, if only in a small way, the hope of someday having a sanctuary they can call their own.

The Council of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI recently informed their congregation that there have been several families that have expressed an interest in forming and joining a daughter congregation in response to the Council’s recent survey. Hope is considering the proper procedure to follow as a result of this survey.

All singers in the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI were invited to join a newly organized choir. It appeared that enough members were recruited to begin practice during early May.

Mission Activities

Rev. R. Hanko writes in a recent letter to Hudsonville’s congregation that at a recent Lord’s day there were 59 people at the morning service and 66 at the evening service. He also states that since they have been in Ballymena with the C.R.F., they have not had a Sunday go by without seeing new faces in church.

The Covenant Reformed Fellowship is planning a series of evangelistic meetings this summer in Ballymena. They will be having meetings every night of the week and will be publishing and distributing a special tract that Rev. Hanko is writing entitled, “What Think Ye of Christ?”

Young People’s Activities

There was a YP Society Banquet for the Doon, Edgerton, and Hull YP in the Doon, Iowa PRC on May 11. Rev. Dykstra spoke on the topic, “Christian Service.”