Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The readers of the “News” will have to forgive me if I become a little personal with regard to commenting about this year’s Young People’s Convention held on the campus of Dordt College and sponsored by the young people of the PR congregations of Doon and Hull, IA and the First PRC of Edgerton, MN. This year marked the first year that our sons were old enough to attend. So attend they did, and by all accounts they had a really worthwhile and memorable stay in Iowa.

From all indications (and we have heard from parents and young people alike), this year’s convention, the 53rd annual, was a success. Monday, August 2, the young people started the convention with a variety of games, followed by Rev. Spriensma’s speech in the evening. There was a hayride and a bonfire to end the day. Tuesday marked the first discussion groups, based on the theme, “Lessons From our Beginning.” This was followed by a trip to Wild Water West in Sioux Falls for the Juniors, and a trip to Lake Okoboji for the Seniors. Wednesday started with more discussion groups based on “Presenting the PR Faith to Friends.” In the afternoon there was an Old-Fashioned Picnic, and that evening Rev. Koole gave his speech. Thursday, the last full day of the convention, started with a debate, which was followed by water fights in the afternoon. The Banquet was that evening, followed by a speech given by Rev. VanOverloop. The young people then went skating, after which there was a lock-in on campus. Friday saw the day start with a late breakfast, some closing comments, and the trip back home.

A special word of thanks should also go to the three congregations involved – especially for opening their homes to many of the conventioneers that first weekend in Iowa before the actual start of the convention. Your hospitality not only set the tone for that week, but it doubtless also added to the spiritual benefit as well.

On August 6-8, the Sovereign Grace Church of Spokane, WA, along with their pastor, Rev. Robert Hargrove, sponsored a conference on the topic, “The Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel.” Three of the speakers at this conference were from our own PR churches: Revs. Tom Miersma, Arie denHartog, and Carl Haak. Five sessions were planned; “Calvinism as the Gospel,” “The Call of the Gospel,” “Conditionally vs. Unconditionality,” “Calvinistic World and Life View,” and “The Hope and Duty of Missions.”

Congregational Highlights

At its August meeting, the Council of the Hudsonville, MIPRC passed a resolution submitted by the “Georgetown area” PR church steering committee to begin holding worship services the first Sunday in September at the Bauer Elementary School on 48th Ave., just south of Bauer Road in Bauer, MI. The following week an informational meeting was held at Hudsonville for all interested families. At that meeting, 23 families expressed their interest and intent to be part of this new daughter church from Hudsonville. Many decisions were made that night and many have yet to be made, but the process has begun and, the Lord willing, with a lot of work and much prayer, there soon will be one more congregation in West Michigan.

The Council of the Peace PRC of Lynwood, IL announced to their congregation recently that they had exceeded by some $7,000.00 the goal which had been set as a balance required in order to begin building. The Building Committee continues to work on the blueprints, which are almost completed. Peace is also moving toward the finalization of annexation to the city of Lansing. Peace will not be able to begin building until these two matters have been concluded.

School News

The PR School Society of Randolph, WI met recently and adopted their Board’s proposal to “Proceed with the remodeling of the VanBaren building at a total cost not to exceed $20,000, with a view to starting school operations in August, 1994.” This decision paves the way for much planning and work that has yet to be done in the coming months. Let us all remember this cause with our prayers and, if possible, generous financial support.

In what seems like a contradiction in terms, there was a plea issued to the supporters of Covenant Christian School in Lynden, WA to join together for a workout. Do you like to pull weeds, hammer, scrape, etc…? You name it. Come with rakes, shovels, hammers, hands, and legs, and meet at the school for its annual cleanup. They even tried to entice the supporters by calling it fun-work.