News From Our Churches

At this writing, two of our churches are without pastors. They are Kalamazoo, Michigan and Redlands California. Rev. Marvin Kamps accepted a call to Doon, Iowa and was scheduled to preach his farewell sermon in Redlands on August 22. From a trio of Rev. J. Kortering, Rev. G. VanBaren, and Rev. R. VanOverloop, Redlands has extended a call to Rev. Kortering. 

The Hudsonville consistory and the Mission Committee, in harmony with the decision of the last Synod, has declared Rev. Dale Kuiper eligible for call in one of our churches. Rev. Kuiper labored as home missionary in Maine until this spring. 

Rev. Arie den Hartog, pastor of our church in Prospect Park, New Jersey sent in the following news item. “Prospect Park has purchased property for the future building of a church. The property is located in a residential area of Wykcoff, New Jersey, which is near to Prospect Park. The property includes five acres of land, since this is the requirement for church property in the Boro of Wykoff. Also, the property has a house on it that will be used for the parsonage. According to present plans, Rev. den Hartog and his family will be moving into the house some time in the month of July. If some of you in the denomination have heard rumors for quite some time already concerning this great development, these rumors were indeed correct. Our delay in announcing this to the denomination has been due to the fact that we desired to obtain a building permit for the church building before we announced it, since this would make our future plans more definite. We are still presently working on obtaining a permit and since it seems that it might take some time yet, we thought it best to announce this great news to the denomination now. We hope in the near future to give you more information and perhaps to include some pictures. This is a great step of faith for us as a congregation, especially because of our small size and because of the high cost of property in this metropolitan area. We have made this great step with much prayer and with earnest desire to firmly establish our congregation of the Protestant Reformed Church in this area.” 

Subsequent to receiving Rev. den Hartog’s letter, our family traveled to the East and spent the Sunday of August 1 in Prospect Park. We received a warm welcome from the congregation. They are presently meeting in the Legion Hall on North 8th Street, but they have some rather firm plans to change that. Rev. den Hartog has moved into the new parsonage. Plans have been drawn for the new church building. In view of the fact that the church will no longer be located in Prospect Park, the congregation has changed the name to Covenant Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. den Hartog’s new address is 283 Squawbrook Road, Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481. His phone number is 201-891-0902. Our people in Prospect Park are most pleased to receive visitors from other of our churches. Because they are hundreds of miles from any of our other churches they really appreciate fellowship with other saints. It has been our experience that this is also the case in our other churches, a fact you might bear in mind when you plan your family vacation. 

Rev. Moore has also written to extend a warm invitation to our people to visit him and his congregation in Edmonton. His new address is: Rev. Richard G. Moore, 12324 – 134th St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada TSL 1V1. His phone number is 455-9803. 

Edmonton Church bulletins are a real pleasure to read. They seem to exude joy and thankfulness. This was especially true of the special bulletin on the occasion of Rev. Moore’s installation service held last May 27. All the ‘dedicated nominees’ who preached for and labored with the congregation in Edmonton are thanked by name. 

As mentioned last month, a series of messages by Rev. Engelsma is being carried on the Family Radio Net work on the program “Conference Echoes.” These programs are being broadcast on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the New Jersey area during August and September. The stations include: KEAR FM San Francisco, CA, KEBR FM Sacramento, CA, KECR FM El Cajon, CA WFME FM Newark, NJ, WKDN FM Camden, NJ, WFSI FM Annapolis, MD, WYFR Scituate, MA. Efforts are being made to provide this network with more programming from our churches, including Rev. VanBaren’s series on creation.