Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

We received the following from the Evangelism Committee of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI and decided it was worth passing along for your consideration. “Did you get behind in your Standard Bearer reading during late December/early January and miss the offer to write for the cassette recording of a fireside chat given by Rev. Cornelius Hanko? Before a good-sized crowd at the fall meeting of the Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ League, September 22, 1998, Rev. Hanko spoke from his long experience with family devotions, particularly after one’s children have left the home, when a couple or widower/widow finds himself or herself alone, with more time to enjoy devotions each day. The subject of how to fill lonely hours was also covered, and ideas were given on satisfying and useful ways a Christian can enrich each day. Rev. Hanko also spoke on family devotional practices in other denominations that believers in the PRC might consider as beneficial. To receive this edifying tape send a $3.00 check made out to Southwest PRC, 4875 Ivanrest Ave., Grandville, MI 49418.”

Although no date has yet been set, it appears that our Bethel PRC in Itasca IL will be moving soon into their new church home. This impending move means more work for their Evangelism Committee. Currently they are discussing plans for evangelism in the neighborhood of their new church home. They are also planning on updating the brochure introducing their church and our denomination to outsiders, as well as making changes in their current yellow page advertisement.

Mission Activities

The consistory of the Loveland, CO PRC, in consultation with Missionary T. Miersma and the Mission Committee, has decided to end the work in San Luis Valley, CO as of April of this year. Rev. Miersma and his family will be moving to Spokane, WA to begin labors there with the Sovereign Grace Reformed Church.

Loveland’s consistory used this announcement as an opportunity also to urge their congregation to write the families and individuals of the S.L.V. mission to encourage them to move to the vicinity of one of our churches. Or maybe possibly to move to the Loveland, CO area, where they would find a new church home, along with a warm welcome from our church there.

On January 25, the congregation of the Hull, IA PRC extended a call to Rev. R. Moore, their pastor, to serve our churches as a missionary to Ghana. Rev. Moore has accepted this call.

Congregational Activities

The council of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI has approved the publication of a monthly newsletter in their congregation. This newsletter will be called “The Messenger” and will include primarily the missionary newsletters, newsletters from the schools and denominational committees, and other items of general interest.

The extreme cold of the last weeks has slowed down the work being done on the new sanctuary of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI. However, all the windows have been installed and temporary doors have been put in. Carpenters continue to work in the narthex area and the masons have been able to do some work on the interior walls.

Work also continues on the Bethel PRC in Itasca, IL. The latest word from them indicates that staining and varnishing is now being done. The floor has been installed in both bathrooms and the kitchen and some wall-papering was also completed.

The congregation of the Lynden, WA PRC was recently encouraged to come together for a night of singing psalms from the Psalter at the Health Care Center in Lynden.

The council of the Byron Center, MI PRC recently decided to use this year’s catechism collections to purchase a Psalter-number Board for the front of their sanctuary.

The council of the South Holland, IL PRC has approved the organization of a daughter congregation in the Dyer, IN area. Twenty-four families and three individuals signed a petition of the council expressing interest in beginning a new congregation. This request will be presented to the March meeting of Classis West.

South Holland encouraged this organization partly because they feel that the Northwest Indiana area is one that will continue to grow and more families may move there in the future. Also, this area will be a new area of witness for our churches.

Minister Activities

Rev. A. Spriensma, pastor of the Grandville, MI PRC, underwent two surgeries during the month of January for a recurring colon condition. Tests showed no malignancy, and after several weeks of recuperation, Rev. Spriensma began to take up his labors in a limited way by teaching a catechism class the first week in February and preaching one service on February 7.