Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC recently asked their congregation for some help. It seems they want to provide complimentary Standard Bearer subscriptions for offices, waiting rooms, libraries, etc. where the magazine can be displayed and read by waiting patients or customers. Any congregation member who works in or knows of such an office or waiting room that would be willing to display the periodical was asked to contact the committee.

Rev. C. Haak, pastor of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL, recently was heard on Family Radio, WSCH 9.19 FM in Chicago, IL, speaking three times each day for a week for a program entitled, “The Pastor’s Study.” He spoke on the subject, “Biblical Priorities.”

A March bulletin from the First PRC in Holland, MI included news that their Evangelism Society had just received several hundred copies of a Spanish translation of the RFPA book Whosoever Will, by Herman Hoeksema. The Spanish title is Todo El Que Quira. The book was translated by Emilio Monjo, pastor of the Presbyterian Reformed Church in Seville, Spain. This is the 2nd edition, the first having been published in 1989. These copies were sent as a gift, and First plans to promote this new addition to their Spanish literature.

Friday, March 19, the Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC sponsored a lecture at the Second CRC in Randolph. Prof. D. Engelsma spoke on “The Return of Christ and Y2K.”

The Byron Center, MI PRC hosted two classes for their community and congregation on the topic of “Infant Baptism.” Their pastor, Rev. Doug Kuiper, led the first class February 11, followed by another on February 25 with Prof. H. Hanko leading.

Young Adults’ Activities

The week of March 7 the Young Adults of the Loveland, CO PRC again served as the host society for what has become an annual Young Adults’ Retreat. This year’s retreat took an in-depth look at Revelation 2:4 under the theme, “Our First Love.” Loveland’s pastor, Rev. G. VanBaren, spoke first, giving an explanation of that verse. He was followed by Prof. H. Hanko, who spoke on “Losing Our First Love.” As in past years, the retreat was held at the Covenant Heights Convention Center in the Rockies, in the shadow of Long’s Peak, part of Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to the two speeches, the young adults also took part in discussion groups on role models, and in two debates, one on the subject of birth control and the other on speaking in tongues.

Also included were physical activities such as, snow-shoeing, volleyball, bowling, and climbing Twin Sisters’ Mountain. It appears that Loveland has hit upon a successful retreat for our denomination’s young adults. This year nearly 60 attended, some of them for their second or third time. In fact, one individual attending for the first time this year told me that he plans to go back next year even if the dates do not correspond with his spring break. Loveland must be doing something right.

Congregation Activities

Past “Church News” have included updates on the building progress of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL. With each issue you may have noticed a progression towards completion. Well, now we are happy and thankful to report that, in God’s great goodness, Bethel has been granted an occupancy permit for their new church building. Plans called for the congregation to hold their first service in their own sanctuary on Sunday, March 21.

It is indeed the Lord’s faithfulness to them that they are now able to leave the Holiday Inn, where they worshiped for the last four years, and gather together as the body of Christ in faith, hope, and love in their own sanctuary. Dedication of their church building was planned for April 9.

We also give thanks for the continued growth of our many churches. Especially now we are thinking of the South Holland, IL PRC. Their continued growth enables them to have a hand in another daughter congregation being born. There are still some details that the steering committee for the new congregation is working on, including finding a suitable place to worship and securing pulpit supply. South Holland’s council will soon present nominations for officebearers for the new congregation, to be drawn from the 24 families and 4 individuals who signed on to be part of this new church. As they move closer to organization we will provide additional information to keep you updated on the progress of the efforts to establish a PRC in northwest Indiana.

Mission Activities

Rev. R. Moore, our recently installed missionary to Ghana, preached his farewell sermon to his congregation of nearly 14 years in Hull, IA, on March 7. He chose for his text that afternoon Deuteronomy 31:7, 8, under the theme, “God Goes Before Us.” Then about two weeks later, as indicated above, on March 19, he was installed as missionary. I am sure our readers will agree when we add, may the Lord bless Rev. Moore and his wife as they prepare to leave and serve as our missionary to Ghana.